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Mac Lethal Represents Brotha Lynch Hung In ‘Occupy The Bar’ [Music Video]

Published: October 18, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung, Strange Music by

Mac Lethal Represents Brotha Lynch Hung

Even Mac Lethal can appreciate Strange Music’s resident cannibal. In his latest YouTube contribution, the Kansas City MC gives fans another one of his speedy raps, only this time he aims his sharp rhymes at the President, Fred Phelps, and the Tea Party, all while sporting a Brotha Lynch Hung sweatshirt. Calling for change, Mac spits a frighteningly fast flow and backs it up with substance. Fans can follow his lightning fast words thanks to the lyrics on the video. Not everyone may agree with Mac Lethal’s message, but at least Strange Music fans can appreciate his choice in gear.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

What did you think of Mac Lethal’s video? Do you think he wants to reach out to Brotha Lynch Hung?

  • Bbg_13_2000

    hes not that good nothing compared to lynch im bb-killa and thats  shit i wackkkk good idea but wacckkkk

  • Bbg_13_2000

    i wanna post up a couple of my freestyles for yall too bump im bb-killa but i cant post any vids but hears one of my freestyle i remembered and typed out i got the song n beat saved to my computer


    yeaaa im gona tell you a lil story about the infamous walnut street no body plays me cheap
    i got my 9 millameta reap under the mutha fuckin seat me n big d, crazy k, huss comin to ur mah
    kickin down the front door blastin huss said bb-killa hit the back we’ll call this mother fuckin operation peel a cap
    we got the guns n knives extra clips we got the extra gas tanks we be runnin from the po po jumpin out the 4 door suv
    huss kicked down the hinges we got to the second floor kicked down the bedroom door they was like smokin endo
    i throwin boulders from the shoulders u can smell those i got the green leaves im vietnamese up in the trees im bb-killa
    i come with ease not to please and bitches dont tease i dont want a bitch if she that easy i just wanna pound the trick she nothing shit i pull out the nine n clip and drop yea cuz yea body aint shit and on my block gun shots every night this shit is fucking tight
    these mother fuckers wont be rollin to kill me tonight  yee killa killa bb-killa yee

  • bb-killa



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