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Tech N9ne Ranks #5 On’s Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCs

Published: October 25, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne On's Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCsWith songs like “Worldwide Choppers”, it’s hard to argue that Tech N9ne isn’t one of the fastest and most precise MCs in the rap game.

The Kansas City King has built a career on his intricate rhyme patterns and stunned audiences everywhere with chopper like flows. recently ranked their Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCs. With names like Machine Gun Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Eminem on the list, Tech N9ne had some pretty tough competition. Still, the independent giant managed to rank at #5 on the list and was praised with:

“You would be hard pressed to find another independent MC that has grossed as much in revenue as Tech did over the past few years. Respect this dude’s hustle.”

With Welcome To Strangeland on the way and The Lost Cities Tour still making its way around the country, Tech N9ne continues to create a buzz for himself that many would argue is long overdue.

Click here to see the full list.

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What did you think of the list? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Anonymous

    Tech should be #1, all things considered. Not saying that just ‘cos I’m a fan. While I can agree with the artists that made it on that list, Tech has the most variety while keeping up the speed and flow.

    So that’s Tech > Eminem > Busta > Luda > and the rest for me.

  • I was honestly surprised to see him at 5, although I find it hard to argue with Twista at #1.

  • Sethaustin58

    This list kind of pissed me off….I’m glad to see tech getting the respect that he deserves, but on the other hand, he deserves to be at the VERY LEAST number 3, he definately deserves number 1 though. It pissed me off that em was in the top 5 , he doesnt deserve top 5….another thing that kinda pissed me off was them saying bone thugs were beefing over who started the whole chop scene….Tech was chopping half a decade before these guys even started rapping!!! His first rhyme was a chopper!….just so many things on this urked me….aside from that im glad to see tech getting props, although he deserves way better props.

  • I respect that @Tech N9ne is getting the props he deserves, but sadly I cannot and will not cosign this list. This is far from the props Tech deserves.


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