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Who Did I Catch? – Discovering Tech N9ne’s Music [Fan Feature]

Published: November 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne

To say that 2011 was good to Tech N9ne would be a vast understatement. In the year that saw the release of his best selling album, All 6’s And 7’s, Tech also managed to reach the stars with collaborations that included Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, and many more. 2011 also saw the Kansas City King invade BET and steal the show on Lil Wayne’s double platinum certified Tha Carter IV. Needless to say, the independent giant was bound to cross paths with new listeners from all of his exposure. Following his high profile appearances, new fans are beginning to wander into Strangeland and they could not have come at a better time.

Bryan Keys had never listened to Tech N9ne prior to his BET appearance. Hearing the nightmarish flow come through his television screen was enough to keep him watching. He recalled the first two encounters he had with the King Of Darkness:

“I was watching the BET Hip-Hop Awards and his cypher came up and right when he started his first words sounded like a record was being played. Also, I was listening to the Carter IV and the interlude with Tech N9ne came on and he just killed it. I thought to myself ‘What else is he capable of saying!’ “

Tech N9ne’s appearance on BET actually landed him on the list of trending topics on Twitter more than once. His Carter IV feature was praised by critics everywhere, so it’s not all that surprising that Tech’s unorthodox style caught the ear of Bryan. Coming from a different hip hop background, Bryan explained what it’s been like to step inside Strangeland:

“Without a doubt it’s different. Strange, but I love what I’m hearing. It will take an adjustment but I have no problem making the adjustment. I just started going through YouTube listening to different tracks. I’m still adjusting its a new sound for me but its really starting to stick.”

Taking the new level of exposure into consideration, Bryan insisted that others will soon follow:

“I believe so if you really appreciate lyricism not just Hip-Hop we are talking an art with in an art. Lyricism is just word play on word play and making you think and truly appreciate what the rapper is saying not just a bunch of words or curse words. A lot of metaphors and similes are used thats lyricism”

While Technicians have stuck by Tech N9ne’s side throughout the years, it’s fans like Bryan Keys that will prove to be the new frontier for Tech N9ne’s music. With the world taking notice, Tech N9ne’s path to God Status is becoming a reality.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

Follow Victor on Twitter: @VicMSandoval

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Strangeland, Bryan.

  • DeAndre Lewis

    No one can beat em’  at makin music…

  • Bonfire23

    So he calls himself the king of darkness now? haha really? Combined with that wack ass juggalo painted face pic and I think ya lost me as a fan….  🙁

  • Daerrmon

    @77b3c261496e12a9f07a2dff9f914c6d:disqus He has ALWAYS painted his face. That is Tech N9ne. If that causes you to not like him. You were just a wack ass bandwagon jumper in the first place.

  • Daerrmon

    @77b3c261496e12a9f07a2dff9f914c6d:disqus He has ALWAYS painted his face. That is Tech N9ne. If that causes you to not like him. You were just a wack ass bandwagon jumper in the first place.

  • Joshiejuggaloluther

    Bondfire23 has a dick up his butt. If you actually know what juggalos mean then you wouldn’t be butt hurt all the time. And if you  love tech, then you accept him being a juggalo too. This nigga is fersure down with the clown. hate and make fun of us. We national baby. We wont die! Tech, keep your sick shit up playboi! Shits mad dope.


    to all the haters out there
    I am selling Hatorade for 2.50.=) I’m about to make bank.

    -T3AM JOSHI3

  • nnutthowze

    he’s been the King of Darkness for a while now… and if you dont like him because of that then you dont deserve to be a fan. we dont want you here

  • TechNizzleOG

    why you even on this page hatin on tech if you dont even know the nigga like that?

  • Anonymous

    He caught me in 03 and in 06 and I will never go back! Strange life is wonderful!


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