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Eminem – ‘Tech N9ne Is F**kin Crazy’ [Audio]

Published: November 1, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Eminem Praises Tech N9ne On Shade 45

The Halloween season had everyone, including Eminem, talking about the King Of Darkness.

The Detroit superstar recently took to the airwaves on his Shade 45 Sirius XM station with Royce Da 5’9″ to introduce their favorite Halloween themed tracks. Included on the list was Tech N9ne’s “Trapped In A Psycho’s Body”. When the pair got to Tech N9ne’s track at the 13:54 mark, Eminem innocently poked fun at Tech N9ne’s name, but followed with some heavy praise:

“Tech N9ne is fucking ill. Tech N9ne is fucking crazy.”

Fans may recall that both Eminem and Tech N9ne once worked together on the mega-collaboration, “The Anthem” from Sway and King Tech. In more recent times, Tech N9ne tapped Eminem to appear on All 6’s And 7’s, but due to time restraints the feature never happened. It looks like while fans may still be waiting for the collaboration, Eminem has been keeping an eye on the independent giant. Could we possibly see Eminem reach out to Tech N9ne this time around?

Click here to listen or scroll down below.

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What do you think about Eminem’s comments? Leave your thoughts below!

  • CiNo

    HOLY SHIT!!! I fucking predicted this shit!! Before even watching it I wondered how cool it would be if Em included Tech on that Halloween list…. then out of nowhere i hear it… Em giving props to Tech and playing his song…. THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY!!

  • CiNo

    HOLY SHIT!!! I fucking predicted this shit!! Before even watching it I wondered how cool it would be if Em included Tech on that Halloween list…. then out of nowhere i hear it… Em giving props to Tech and playing his song…. THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY!!

  • Rego2424

    dont get so wet just yet Cino lol if im not mistakin didnt he say he couldnt count backwards from 13 that he didnt even make the list? ..jus saying

  • Rego2424

    dont get so wet just yet Cino lol if im not mistakin didnt he say he couldnt count backwards from 13 that he didnt even make the list? ..jus saying

  • CiNo

    but still, he gave Tech some big props either way. You could tell Em has some great respect for him

  • CiNo

    Listen to it again, Eminem & Royce DID pick this list, he just said he didnt have it in a specific order.

  • Juggalo420

    Lil Faggot??…is that how u say Em’s name?? Suck Cock is that how pronounce it??? Haha FUCK SLIM ANUS!!!!!!!!! Got Tech’s name wrong a hundred times, kept makin jokes n shit, n than outta nowhere he fuckin knows EXACTLY who he is n that hes “sick”,  “ill”?? Like Tech n Paul Wall would say , Get the fuck outa here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara Synthetic

    i feel you he was poking jokes at tech’s name but had to say tech is sick bc he didnt want tech to blow his ass out the water hahah hes a punk. still a bully as a grown ass man

  • Mattgargus

    Pretty sure he knows who Tech N9ne is. Probably just someone’s handwriting had the 9 looking like an A and he made a joke out of it. Chill.

  • mizz_drea

    It was just a joke relax, he was making fun of yelawolf and royce to in the show. He was just messing around.  I’m a fan of tech too but be real, he ain’t seeing em lyrically.

  • Mini Shady

    I had an answer for Tech when he was saying “Who do I catch now?” …EMINEM BABY! Lol.

  • lol

    suck dick

  • nigger

    you fuck your dad all night bitch

  • fuckalljuggalos

    Shut the fuck up you cry baby bitch if tech doesnt care then why do care so much you peice of juggalo shit go kill yourself faggot.


    Both these rapperz can eat dik!! Yall are so pathetic up on these nighkaz nuts!! Especially that juggahoez comment!! Fuk juggahoez!! N these rappers are just amusement for the world!! They have no real meaning in life!!

  • t-rad

    thats why em makes more fuckin money u dumb fuck u juggalo fagget dont be hatin on someone that makes real shit and by the way em smashed on ur insane clown pussies ha ha

  • Sacramento Phyco

    How dare they say his name like that.
    Outta smack em up witta choppa!!!

  • linoui7

    ha tech is a boss lyricist and em dont even compare to him!!! em aint shit that why he does what he does, gotta try and make others look bad just so you dont notice how shitty a rapper he is. and em got squashed on by psychopathic, he kept it going after they kilt it cuz he couldnt handle the fire 😉

  • lbetis

    Shyt i been waitin ta hear a collabo wit tech n em git it in

  • no one cares about bad

  • Nybras87

    seriously… that was 12 – 13 years ago. You can’t get over that beef? There has been interviews where Em said he doesnt care about their old ass beef and its all good with them, and they are talented artists. ICP even said Em has evolved into something great.
    If they can set aside their OWN beefs, why the FUCK can’t you? Em would smash you for talking like that if you knew him. Idiot.

  • Nybras87

    Too bad they ALL make WAY more fucking cash than you ever will. LOL.

  • Nybras87

    Pft, MCL but seriously man, get over the beef. Look up the interviews about ICP on eminem in the last couple years and same with em on icp. they respect each other and are over the beef. Em says they are talented artists, and they say he evolved into something great. Dont fucking start no shit over something thats settled.

    other than that MCL.

  • Nybras87

    they did a collab already a long time ago.

  • Nybras87

    heres the link to their FIRST COLLAB. LIKE IT LOVE IT RESPECT IT.

  • fuck eminem

  • respect4both

    i’m neutral, juggs hating was all staged anyway (LEARN HOW TO JOKE PEOPLE) they are both unique, phenominal artists. i have discographies of them both. i’d love to see them collab on shit.

  • CAN I C U P

    Sick thought. Though I kinda feel EM’ needs another album, n Tech doesn’t need Em’s Hype. Don’t get me wrong, the rap game needs ( NEW, GOOD) music like I need a new knee n I would probably enjoy the compilation. I don’t think we need more compilation tracks where it’s Very apparent that all sides didn’t have time to make good music, or maybe, they lacked the time or heart (Brains). AHHHH fuc “M” NINE

  • why is everbody tripping it’s obvious em has respect for him

  • wow compare this shit to Ashtrays N Action Figures. Em is boring. The end was hilarious though. he should of put Twiztid on the list anyways. No one does horror like the Dynamic Duo of wicked shit. but if ya hate Em because of old Psy Rec drama then ya just need to get off ICP’s balls. Being a juggalo is about being your own person, not fallowing blindly.

  • and thats why you took the time to go to Tech’s web site, look in the forums, find this thread, read the thread, listen to the video, and comment your opinion. Artists like Tech, Em and Psy are putten in work, expressing their creativity, giving something back to the youth of today. They arnt spending their time looking up artists they hate and commenting on their shit. All Im sayin instead of being the small man with the little voice on the side lines trashing someone else s empire that they built why not use your time more productively and build your own empire.

  • William Allen

    Dude you fucking realize Tech posted this on facebook all excited that Em gave him props, right? Riiiight? Lol. Go paint your face and quit talking, because you clearly have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about kid. “Slim anus, damn right slim anus! I don’t get FUCKED in mine like you two little flaming faggots” HAHA. Worst. Diss. Ever. “slim anus” …. no shit.. I don’t get fucked in the ass? Lol “Juggalos” are fucking retarded a’f

  • Ez to bz

    I think its kinda disrespectfull to forget to pronounce techs name, but iam sure he didnt meant any bad

  • Vektorr

    Do you know how long the damn ICP/Eminem thing has been over now? YEARS. YEARS AND YEARS. Neither Eminem or ICP even gives a damn anymore, the only people keeping it alive are you damn juggalos. Give it up, man. It’s old new at this point.

    I, for one, would LOVE an Eminem-Tech collaboration.

  • dude that paid attention

    I love how you people got all butthurt when he said outright whoever wrote down the name fucked it up and wrote it looking like Tech NANE

  • Nihilisticangelx

    When I saw this I thought he was going to be bashing Tech N9ne….. He isn’t bashing him AT ALL! People are just stupid.

  • the account has been terminated. some bitch complained about the vid

  • You’re the epitome of fucking retarded. Not only that, you can’t even find one good reason to hate on Marshall. If Tech even cared to look at this post, and to give a shit what you thought, he’d tell you you’re a fuckin’ fake ass bitch who can’t even speak on who’s who in the game. You’re a joke. Now, to reiterate exactly what you said, “Get the fuck outta here.”

  • Mr.Buddah

    HAha what was awseom

  • fuck you

    And who does your dumbass listen to?

  • deeeeez nuuutz

    All I know is if they do a collab, they HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT. Em should switch back his style to the slim shady era and Tech needs to slow the fuck down and work on his lyrics, his word play is there but needs to be more lyrical. Also if they do a song it has to be both of them just ripping up the mic, no stories songs and no subject, just kill the mic..

  • ktrey

    Uhh are y’all retarded he was poking fun at the person who wrote his name ya dips he said the 9 looks like an A. Y’all are stupid tech and em did a collab yrs ago and a tour. So stfu but ofcourse we can’t expect any of u young ass technicians to do sum fuckin research. Strange all day all night 365 since 02 mofos. ^S^

  • Jordan Booker

    yo dis is funny as hell

  • RandomViolentActs

    Drop Royce da 5’9 and slaughterhouse. They do nothing for eminem. It’s impossible for shady to get any bigger. Plus they suck ass anyway

  • craig

    internet thugs are EVERYWHERE….lol ya’ll crack me up….seriously….if tech really thought that was a diss, I would laugh at his ass for being “that” uptight…and another thang is, I don’t think tech would want em on “his” album if he thought of something that stupid…jesus christ, this internet has turned people into retards…..literally

  • craig

    and another thang lol…why would tech n9ne be on the song list….haha

  • RandomViolentActs

    They’ve yet to do a collabo. It will be some hot shit when they finally do . Hopefully tech is on MMLP2 .That and Therapy drop the same day.

  • ill Mind

    Both are dope brodha. Shadey and Tech bot
    h are Masters in their styles, hope these killas collaborate

  • h8uneducatedppl

    Lol i got nothin against tech hes great but PLSSSS eminems career can be thought of as a continent compared to techs island.. eminem killed icp in one verse in one song and it buried all songs icp had done, so a big f u to all these delusional clown pussies that say otherwise. Yall only excuse is that em sold put amd rode dres dick but the truth is big names in the game look for the better rapper which is why noone has ever looked at icp, theyre fucked in the head in a bitch way. Sry but eminem has ruined peoples careers after thwy fucked with him like whitey ford and jarule and tye same thing wouldve come to icp if they woukdve had a career to kill to begin with.

  • Setik

    To be honest, if you paid attention to what you where hearing its fuckin obvious that ref was the one writing out the list, also he was fucking with it a lot to mess with em. Point being he wasn’t bustin jokes at techs expense more so the way it was written, whose tech nane and shit, because that would be a weird name, but from that sound clip alone you can tell how em fucks around and says shit that way. However I think he noticed how it sounded at the end of the conversation and wanted to clear it up by straightening out his tone and bein real clear ” nah for real , tech is ill though ” paraphrasing but was the general Gist of what he was tryin to say. Youre absolutely right though, Em does know exactly who he is , so, how doesn’t that make it even more obvious that what I stated above is correct. Fuck it to even clear it up more , a good reason why he didn’t describe that to the listeners would be because hes a fucking icon status celebrity with an image to maintain, probably wouldn’t sound much like Eminem if he took back everything he said off the top of the dome then went back to apologize and clear up his actual meaning now would it. On top of various other reasons, anyway idk why im even fuckin writin this shits there for you to hear people should have to be your fuckin social analysts. You sound ignorant as fuck bashin a dude, who I feel, tech has had a large amount of respect for and tryin to sound like you had his back over it .

  • Setik

    Em was actually a fan of icp to begin with before he started to blow up, just some shit happened.

  • Elliott Carr

    Bro..that beef was squashed years ago. Eminem didn’t “kill icp in one verse”. Besides, who gives a fuck about the past?

  • h8eminemdickriders

    eminem is a bitch. he makes songs about how annoying his fans are to him. fuck him

  • Guest

    did antone else notcie that that was not ” Trapped in a Psycho’s body? “

  • Guest


  • balint nagy

    it was “Trapped in a Psycho’s body” 😀

  • Kaltem

    Eminem and Tech N9ne are both extraordinary artists. Why do you narrow minded people gotta hate? smdh

  • Tecca’s music is more delicious.. Anyone may say Eminem is a master, even a “rapgod”; but in my opinion, Tech N9ne sings much better.. For example One Good Time, Fortune Force Field..

  • Frank Herner

    Well, hey Em, you’re right, Tech is fucking crazy, that’s what makes him the best!

  • em n tech on the same track would be fire

  • Rocky

    Fuck hip hop …..
    dude dont hate rock Im his girl L……

    but….. i gotta say….. Shady talk about slim pickins haha Im calling it his slim dickens haha bitch slim got mad hate for me cus im some random bitch that dont take no shit 4 free especially from some dumb fuck clit who talks nothing but shit while hes sucking a big fat dick …. Whoop Whoop ….. LoL


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