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POLL: Favorite Guest On ‘Welcome To Strangeland’?

Published: November 14, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - Welcome To StrangelandLike past Collabos albums, Tech N9ne’s Welcome To Strangeland featured a collection of some of the most talented MCs to ever cross paths with the Kansas City King.

Taking things in a different direction, the album featured only Strange Music artists and close affiliates. From ¡MAYDAY! to Stevie Stone, Welcome To Strangeland‘s cast was filled with fan favorites, each bringing their own flavor to the album. With everyone buzzing about the release, we would like to know who your favorite guest was on Welcome To Strangeland.

Vote below for your favorite guest feature!


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  • Anonymous

    Tough question. They’re all great guests. Brother Lynch Hung, Ces Cru, Irv da Phenom, Kali and Kutt… I have to go with ¡MAYDAY! though. The Noose and Retrogression are just fantastic. Very STRANGE album, everyone’s done a great job.

  • Had to vote for CES Cru for bringin that raw style to Strangeland, but Mayday and BLH both had outstanding features.
    P.S. Kali and Kutty always kills it. Jay Rock too..and Young Bleed and Stone…damn. lol Still goin with Ubi and Godemis!

  • And where was BIG SCOOB?? The missing verse to Sad Circus or I Need a Drink, in my opinion.

  • Techn9nealldayallnight

    its obv that krizz kaliko and kutt calhoun was the best quests in this album, just listen krizz and kutt’s verses on “Gods” and “Slave” They beastin yooo. especially krizz, was hella good in this album!

  • dakota smith

    Liz Suwandi NEEDS to be signed with strange she has loads of talent and her voice is just……..mesmerizing


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