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Strange Music Bling Pendant [Merch]

Published: November 23, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Strange Music Bling PendantYou asked and we listened. By popular demand, Strange Music brings you the official Strange Music Bling Pendant!

Modeled after Tech N9ne’s famous Strange Music charm, this official charm gives fans the ultimate centerpiece of any Strange Music collection. With a monumental year in 2011, now fans can shine just as brightly as Tech N9ne.

Click here to purchase your very own!

  • Ryan

    i have had my bling chains for almost a year.  i have the black snake and bat and the gold snake and bat that were pulled of the market by travis o’guin. i never understood why they were pulled off and i was very dissapointed when this happened. now its back but only one color choice and more than double the price of the original ones, i bought both of mine for thirty dollars a piece from a store out of texas. I at least hope that the quality of this new chain is comparable to the originals.  i think it is kind of ridiculous that the original chains are not allowed to be sold, i have ordered one of the new ones and i wait to see how the more than doubled in price new bling chain compares to my originals. More review to come when they arrive.

  • Sounds like you purchased merchandise that was not officially licensed by Strange Music. That could easily be the very reason they are no longer available.  Here, Strange is offering a top quality medallion that is officially licensed and because of that, you know you’ll get a great item.

  • Ryan

    so i recieved my bling chain today and as i kind of expected the quality was no where near as good as the originals that were pulled off the market.  i understand pulling an item that is not officially licenced but if your going to take something away to make your own you could at least make it the same quality. the new licenced chains are more then double the price of the originals and they really don’t measure up. they are half the weight of the originals, the stones are more odviously plastic and arent even glewed in straight.  i am a little dissapointed i was hoping to recieve a chain of at least equal quality for double the price but that is not the case.

  • Ryan

    didnt go well not a quality item


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