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¡MAYDAY! – ‘F**K Food’ Official Remix – Download Now!

Published: December 22, 2011 in Mayday, Tech N9ne by

¡MAYDAY! 'Fuck Food' Official Remix

If the first time around wasn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, ¡MAYDAY! is serving up seconds with the official remix to Tech N9ne’s “F**k Food” featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain.

¡MAYDAY!’s Plex Luthor and Gianni Cash take the reigns on this one as they put a new spin on the sex-driven anthem from All 6’s And 7’s. The gritty and downright grungy remix dreams up a new direction for the gothic nightmare envisioned by Tech N9ne. ¡MAYDAY!’s official “F**k Food” remix is now available for free download, so get your fill!

Click here to download ¡MAYDAY!’s Official “F**k Food” remix.

What did you think of the remix? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Silencer

    Its tha shit my dude keep up tha great work and stay representin for tha midwest

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit this is fantastic. More remixes! Loving this!

  • Brian

    The original was great, it didn’t need tampered with. I was expecting a new verse or something but it’s the exact same song with some amateur d.j. mixing sounds over the original track that don’t fit and don’t make the song better. I love Tech N9ne, but this doesn’t do anything special for me. Just download the original “Fuck Food,” it’s a great song!

  • It’s a new production, there’s no ‘DJ sounds’ over the original.


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