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Tech N9ne Collabos: Strange Reign Tracklist Revealed!
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‘Quick Flick’ Featuring Tech N9ne [Audio]

Published: January 30, 2012 in Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne by

Though incorrectly labeled as a new track off of Tech’s upcoming, and insanely anticipated, new EP Klusterfuk, this song “Quick Flick” may just help tie you over until the album drops.

Liz Suwandi, the angelic voice off of “Poisonious” and “Who Do I Catch”, had this to say on this track –

“[It’s not a Klusterfuk leak] it’s completely separate – it’s Tech and Krizz over some dubstep beats created by DJ Spinstyles with live drums played by Billy Johnson from Shots Fired and Mike McGrath on guitar.”

Klusterfuk or not, this track is on fire!

Click HERE to listen or scroll below.

  • What did you think of the track?
  • Do you like dubstep?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • Jerome-nician

    Quick flick, nasty track mayne, we’re still waiting for kabosh!!

  • Mothug74

    Badass. Don’t really know what dubstep is…just sounds like tight ass music to me!! Quit labeling shit!


    love the vocals… sick flick…

  • Christy

    I hate that dubstep is taking over everything because most of it sucks ass but this song is pretty good. i guess tech is trying to reach the younger generations. i really miss when  d&b was popular tho but if you are going to listen to the grinding frequencies of noise that dubstep has then tech n9ne’s voice  will make it sound better of course. without tech on it that beat wasn’t shit tho. i just hope he doesn’t let skrillex(creator of terrible overrated dubstep) get a hold of his tracks or anything that would suck.

  • Scott

    been wanting some dubstep incorporated into techs music forbade while now. Wish he would have a feature by skrillex

  • Voluntary_mindtrip

    When the FUCK are we gonna get some KABOSH shit??? C’mon tech!!

  • Tech9forever

    Hahaha man TechN9NE can Rap on anything fuckin love itt……

  • Techn9cian94

    What album will this appear on?!?!?!!??

  • Dauer4022

    I don’t like dubstep whatsoever. Wasn’t a huge fan of the song overall as a whole either. Unimpressed.

  • Hardingtyler

    Meh, he always kills it, I was thinkin some better dubstep tho..

  • Jazz4On2Brew0

    tech your an awesome rapper and ive been listening to you since 2001 but dont go down the dubstep way its not right for the music and ive loved all of your music up till this track, its a big disopointment. dubstep fans like a harder bass and more wobble ppl will understant what i mean when i say wobble, just something darker with heavy dubstep would be better than the high pitched beat u have their, no hate much love technician.

  • Paananen4life

    keep workin it tech & krizz this is dope though its not ready in my opinion MCL

  • Neokain_2040

    i vote we rename this n9ne wave, i lold hard when i listened.
    i liked it. haters be hatin

  • Neokain_2040

    i vote we rename this n9ne wave, i lold hard when i listened.
    i liked it. haters be hatin

  • Neokain_2040

    although this song would wok sick over some dirty wormz guitar. hmmmmmmm

  • TechFan84

    Skrillex is PLAYED OUT.

  • KCkc

    This song is 2+years old according to words from Spinstyles. It isn’t coming out on any Tech or Strange project. It was a collaboration that Spinstyles did a while ago and is coming out with a song that Liz Suwandi is on as well.

  • BG

    Christy knows what’s good! Yeah this track is cool but what’s not cool is that it won’t B on KlusterFuk! Tech come thru 4 us Technicians & make it happen. 1995 Jungle/ Drum & Bass was the best era in Rave Music History!

  • Spinstyles


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