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Prozak's 'Million Miles Away' Featured On BloodyDisgusting.com

Published: March 12, 2012 in Prozak by

Prozak "Million Miles Away" Featured On BloodyDisgusting.comProzak’s latest music video, “Million Miles Away”, is spreading one single question across the web – “If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?”

The heartfelt and eye opening video is just one of six videos to be released for Paranormal, and it has already created a buzz thanks to its righteous message. Although “Million Miles Away” may be an unexpected single for longtime fans of Prozak, the Saginaw native is still receiving plenty of support from the world of the macabre.

Popular horror site BloodyDisgusting.com recently featured “Million Miles Away” and encouraged readers to join in on the conversation:

Check out this, in my opinion, must-see video below. After that, leave a comment with something you would change about this world. It doesn’t matter if the answer was one of the ones in the video, that’s totally fine. I just want to see what you are passionate about and would love to see changed.”

From horror sites to social media, Prozak’s “Million Miles Away” is pushing the world to think about change and one day, put it in motion.

Click here to visit BloodyDisgusting.com and be sure to leave a comment!

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