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Metal Hammer Features Prozak And Sid Wilson Collaboration On ‘The End Of Us’

Published: April 17, 2012 in Prozak by

Metal Hammer Features Prozak

The hype around Prozak’s Paranormal is making its way all around the web and now MetalHammer.co.uk is joining in the conversation.

The website for the heavy metal magazine recently featured the exclusive video of Sid Wilson’s comments on Prozak and their collaboration on “The End Of Us” from Paranormal. The smash-mouth collaboration has been catching the attention of the metal world as Slipknot fans have already voiced their excitement over the two artists working together.

With Paranormal just a week away, more and more members of the metal community are sure to catch on to the hardcore music dropping from Prozak.

Click here to visit MetalHammer.co.uk for more on Prozak.

Click here to pre-order Paranormal.

Prozak - "Paranormal"

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