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Charles Manson Causes A ‘Riot’ To Tech N9ne [Video]

Published: April 24, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Best “Riot Maker” video ever?

Guess it depends on how much you like serial killer-style dancing. Check out this fan-made video of Charles Manson throwing it down to the most appropriate song for how he probably felt while being filmed. If you don’t know who the infamous Charles Manson is, this might give you a clue.

He don’t give a damn about nothin’!

  • What did you think of the video?

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  • Neokain_2040

    hahahahahahaha thats awesome!

  • Silent118

    Hostile Takeover in Sac Town….. Strange Music killed it. Ofcourse Tech is SIC but I had no idea MGK could go H.A.M like that !!

  • Charles is actually a musician himself. Not many are aware of the fact that even though he is in Corcoran he is still making music and having albums released.  Could you imagine a Tech- Manson collab ? lol

  • Treylovee

    O..m..goodness!! Lol he breaks it down!

  • Jreal_11

    this is 2 fuckin funny although im sure someone will spin it as tech being evil lol

  • Anonymous

    at 1st i was like .. w t f .. but its actually kinda funny.. well worth watchin.. as far as the video is concerned.. sheit i love airthing by tech n9ne… but on the real..muthaphuck charles manson!

  • what the fuck?!? lmao love TeCH N9Ne!!!

  • Blakie Jan

    i need to learn how to get that crunk


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