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Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko Performs 'MAKE IT LOUD' on Fox 4 News KC's Red Friday
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Tech N9ne Talks New Album And Hints At Work With Kanye West And Dr. Dre [Interview]

Published: April 25, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Hints At Work With Dr. Dre And Kanye WestLeading a record-breaking tour isn’t the only thing keeping Tech N9ne busy this year. Speaking to the Times-Standard, Tech N9ne sat down for an exclusive interview and hinted at some very big news regarding his new full length album.

With the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour headed to Arcata, the Times-Standard talked to Tech N9ne about the massive tour, but it was the subject of his new album that gave way to new information.

Regarding the new album, Tech revealed that he tentatively plans to release it on his birthday, November 8, and hinted at reaching out to Dr. Dre and Kanye West for production.

Speaking on another long awaited project, Tech also gave an update on K.A.B.O.S.H.:

“We had a barrier real quick because my people were under the impression that the guys I chose were still under contract with somebody. My CEO was like: ‘Man, I don’t wanna get into doing this rock album and find out we can’t put it out.’ When I was just in Austin, Texas, the Dirty Wormz’ Smackola gave me the release papers from their last deal, so I’m like OK, we’re back on now. We were halted for a minute though, that’s what took so long. But now it’s back on.”

Still aiming to tour Europe and Canada later this year, Tech N9ne is smashing through 2012 at full steam.

Click here to read the full interview.

  • How do you feel about Tech possibly working with Kanye West and Dr. Dre?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • justin

    im feelin dr. dre & eminem collab but fuck kanye west

  • Jhmccraw12

    Dr.Drew is dope but kanye is just to main stream. What’s happening tech! I loved it back when you did all yur dark shit and real independent stuff all this work with people like lil Wayne and kanye are just killing it for me!

  • VitaminC

    Dr.Dre is sooooooo dope and will always be dope and i would love to see him working with tech. Kayne however is like Jhmccraw12 said “just to mainstream”. I would love to see Tech do some more K.O.D style music and working with more artists like King Gordy and Twizted. in my opinion rappers like kayne and lil wayne are waaaay to overrated and honestly arent that skilled. I think they would decrease the quality of Techs Music.

  • Tempest_211

    Tech with Dre that would be dope but kanye west who cares that guy sucks i say u get eminem and dre that would be fuckin dope.

  • Neokain_2040

    and noone wants to comment on the elepahnt in the room, fuck kayne and dre, KABOSH!
    tech can collab with whoever he likes as far as im concerned. i dont mind alot of his mainstream collabs, just personally i do wanna hear more stuff with artists like icp, twiztid, necro, ill bill and so on and so forth. its all good to be a mental giant, just dont forget what you were doing 10 years ago, like working with underground artists because the big wigs wouldnt call. thats all i gotta say.

  • Technician559

    He’s NOT collabing with Dre of Kanye he said for PRODUCTION.

  • GreatMathias88

    Jesus, do we really have to deal with you crybabies bitching up until the album drops AGAIN? “Oh waaah, Tech is becoming successful,” shut the hell up and let him do him. Has Tech let us down yet? He already proved everyone wrong with the Wayne collab and he’s only going to do it again with Kanye if it happens. By the way, a lot of Kanye’s beats are hella dark, for the ones whining about wanting the dark music, and the ones whining about “he’s too mainstream” but supporting a Dre collab, umm, Dre has sold how many millions of albums and worked with how many HUGE artists and you’re going to say he’s NOT? If you don’t like the song, there’s a skip button on the damn CD player for a reason.

  • Babyrezznloc

    Dear tech,

    Dr.dre all the way, kanye gets on beats that ppl get into. Do it man cant wait! Technology!

  • Babyrezznloc

    Its going to be the best far

    Got to be professional its what production is all about. N9na!

  • Shademusic

    What I’ve been waiting for!! My favorite rapper and my favorite producer on a collabo!! Tech N9ne & Dr.Dre!! I would expect Tech N9ne on a Dr. Dre production to be the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But Dre would need to really be himself and make it a Gangsta beat!! It will change the game!!

  • Hudnall96

    I agree tech used to talk shit on the people he’s working with

  • Hudnall96

    I agree tech used to talk shit on the people he’s working with

  • Reck456

    PLEASE DO NOT work with kanye west!

  • Shanegutierrez18

    I think Tech should just do the album with one of the other strange artists cuz kanye and drew are not good in my opinion.

  • Konisegg

    Again were back at this babies gone complain rappin with mainstream artists you dont like go get big you self and do your own thing

  • hannnnah :]

    yo fuck kanye, man

  • Aaron

    Sounds awesome i’m so excited and ready for a new cd!!’ I trust Techs judgment I mean when has it fucked him over? Technician!

  • zburns420

    i am a fan of dr. dre i not to much a fan of kayne i think he’s the worst rapper alive… but i love beautiful music and tech is a poet and I’m excited for his new shit but i want to see a collabo with like him pos atmosphere and insane poetry if that would be possible i think it would be a beautiful thang and keep doing your thing tech all day all night

  • zburns420

    i hate u ppl who cares that he’s trying to market him self to other ppl fans he just a business man who knows how to market him self better then anyone no matter what we want u do music for yourself not for u ppl harvey dent u want his old shit buy his old albums it art and u make it in to something fuckin retarded as fuck yeah kayne suck a big himping pile of cow dong but tech goes hard and will continue to do so

  • crazyphuxx

    Yeah right Mr. West is killin it when he wants to I would love to see that and what song they woukd do


    Ive been a fan for years and i love all Techs music, from The Worst to 6s and 7s, everything is the shit to me and i wouldent mind seeing you proform again in St Louis. for the people that dosent like his new stuff just think, tech on the radio every day instead of lil wayne, tech blows him out the water and for the people that loves lil wayne and dosent no about tech yet, they will and theyll see who the true king is and will allways bee.
    one more thing tech dosetn like rappin the dark stuff, yeah i t might be better than his other shit you gota loook at TechN9ne style. he is the only one who does what he do
    P.S. Tech dont listen 5to the haters listen to your true fans their the ones thatll allways have your back
    TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!

  • Sunshine

    Whats that, you want to butt fuck Kayne?


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