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‘This Guy Is A Weirdo’ — Bizarre Releases New Track Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung

Published: May 31, 2012 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Bizarre, which some of you may know as a former member of Detroit hip-hop group formed with Eminem – D12, has branched off onto his own this year, but still knows how to form a great collabo.

This track titled “I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night” featuring Fury, King Gordy and Strange Music’s Brotha Lynch Hung is about exactly what it implies. Definitely something a lot of Strangers out there can relate to. What the f*** happened last night? It’s the perfect hangover jam.

Give it a listen!

Click here to download “I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night”.

  • What did you think of this track?

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  • Quite the track…

  • Ghetto0ne979

    Brotha Lynch is my favorite of all time from the west!!! No one has or ever will rep like he does!!! Been a fan
    since 95!!

  • the last cat on this track is gonna burn in hell lmfao x30…. whoa! (no hate intended)


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