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‘This Album Is Just Breathtaking’ – Fan’s ‘Paranormal’ Review [Video]

Published: May 1, 2012 in Prozak by

The good reviews keep on rolling for Prozak’s Paranormal. The brand new album has taken over Strangeland as fans all over are finding out just why it’s Prozak’s best work to date.

MTGNOR recently uploaded this brand new video review and if there was any doubt to how good Paranormal is, this fan eliminates it all.

First, MTGNOR shows off his exclusive Paranormal pre-order and explains why it’s such a great deal. Listing off his favorites from the album, this fan also gives viewers a short breakdown of the best Paranormal has to offer.

Click here to purchase Paranormal or head to Best Buy and get your copy now!

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  • Leadingedgeparanormal

    wanted to do a review but Best Buy Canada or at least the ones in Toronto are not carrying it. I guess I have to order online. I do have to say the songs I have heard though are unbelievable. Prozak comes through with some of the best music he has ever put out.


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