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‘I’ma Try For It Again’ – Tech N9ne Talks Eminem Collaboration [Video]

Published: May 3, 2012 in Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Talks Eminem Collaboration With BootlegKev

Following such a strong showing in 2011, Tech N9ne is looking to go bigger in 2012 and with a new album on deck, a long awaited collaboration may finally happen.

While out on the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour, Tech N9ne sat down with radio personality BootlegKev for an exclusive two-part video interview. For part one, Tech N9ne recapped on the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour and revealed that he would once again look to collaborate with Eminem later this year. Tech also went on to hint at contributions from comedian Kevin Hart and possibly T-Pain for his new album.

With plans to make his new release bigger than All 6’s And 7’s, Tech is giving fans a lot to look forward to in 2012.

Stay tuned for part two!

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

  • What do you think about Tech N9ne and Eminem working together?
  • Do you think it will finally happen?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Hope they can make it happen!

  • Jacob

    Hope this happens much luv for strangemusic#abudhabi!

  • Jacob

    Hope this happens much luv for strangemusic#abudhabi!

  • Marcosferrer4

    ahahaha tech listens to A7X yeeeebuudddyy

  • Alextpoole

    That would be one hell of a collaboration. So fuck ya hope it happens.

  • darknon

    if he cant get it he shud try canibus the dudes just as dope and it wud defo b showing love for d underground wich tech shud do cuz he can understand it cuz hes independant

  • Trevor

    yay kevin hart

  • Controversialran

     hes already recorded a track with canibus

  • Controversialran

     hes already recorded a track with canibus

  • Cassimodoe1

    It will be fucking nice asss!

  • Syko_d

    The only reason I would want this to happen is so tech can show Marshall who the real king is. Blow him out the water like he does to everyone he collabs with!

  • The only reason Em wont is because he doesnt want to look all washed up like he is. HAHA

  • The only reason Em wont is because he doesnt want to look all washed up like he is. HAHA

  • ddream

    Tech need to make a song with Madchild ….. Now thats a good combo

  • Ddream

  • Undertaker10186

    Hell yea the two best rappers should collaborate

  • Brenden Johnson

    never got my proof and tech song

  • Dtglaros

    tech and em would sound very good

  • John

    Should hopefully work, heard Eminem call Tech dope on Shade 45.

  • nawwwwww bro he should try the king k-rino check him out

  • Jose

    Or maybe Em might blow tech out. Eminem is the best at doing that. Hes a legend

  • DarkShadow

    Theyve been homies for a long time,Why not? Em has some hard flows.But itd be cool to see this happen. I thought they did a collab together back in the day w/xibit,Busta Rhymes and gza i think?


    Tech should
    collaborate with DMX i think. it’ll be the hardest record.

  • Daniel

    Bitch gravy is a fag and will only make tech sound bad. Back in the day bitch gravy was alright but now he is fucking shit. Don’t do it tech em’s a fag

  • Daniel

    I hope they don’t and if they do it better be on Bitch gravy’s album not tech’s. Why would you want the best underground artist in history to collaborate with one of the biggest sell outs? Em’s first few albums were alright but now he is just straight up shit making music for the commercial sound and collabing with the worst artists i mean come on rhianna? And t pain is the biggest fag ever i pray this never happens as i dont want to see tech tarnish a perfect career


    He should collaboration with either Smoke, Lil witness or C-Mob which opened up for him him on a few shows already

  • isreal is calling Tech n9ne, plz come.
    we love U all over the world

  • Aaron

    get off your high horse

  • Your the fag, making up playground nicknames for a man you never met, fuck outta here dude lol

  • Trenton Streator

    Thank you for listening to facebook, I can’t wait for the kings to be united!

  • smoT

    I would love to hear Tech and Em on a track together… just the two of them… I KNOW that tech has something saved up for Em this WHOLE time… so Em better bring it..

    Also i hope tech raps backwards

  • Bring back Three Six Mafia, and do a collabo with them, again…..


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