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E-40 ‘Zombie’ Featuring Brotha Lynch Hung And Tech N9ne Music Video [Video]

Published: May 11, 2012 in Brotha Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne by

E-40 "Zombie" Featuring Brotha Lynch Hung And Tech N9ne

Let the bloodbath begin. E-40’s “Zombie” gets its official music video as Brotha Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne join Forty Water for a gruesome scene straight from the beyond.

With the zombie apocalypse all around, Brotha Lynch Hung steps in for a menacing appearance complete with a terrifying custom hockey mask and machete to match.

When all hell breaks loose, is it the zombies or the Sac-town cannibal you should fear?


  • What did you think of Lynch’s appearance?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Tankhead25

    Luv it!!

  • Anonymous

    Hands down the dopest ****ing song/video ever contributed to this world.

  • Reclusive666

    fuckin dope forty water and lynch! I wanna see some spice 1 again with 40 and lynch is first degree gonna be on the new shit?

  • Neokain_2040

    lynch fucking killed it, e40 still sucks balls, i hated the song at first but the video does it justice

  • David

    Video sucked and the chorus is corny. Was expecting a better song from these 3

  • BLH makes this track happen…mos def’!  I mean, E40 really is like my fav rapper, by far! Just, not on this track — at all! lol He kills it on that new west coast chiefin’  joint with Snoop tho! [See I ain’t hate dude’s game! Neva that, not that by far!]

    But seriously, one of ’em shoulda slid BLH some more bars and been like, “Yo, do that again on these bars and I’ll give you some more…”   I mean, that would be cool if that’s how ppl usually collaborated on stuff!  Instead of bein’ like, “Damn you killed that! My verse is going to kinda ruin this song for ya Bro…We’ll put yours first tho an get ’em hooked then pull the switch-a-roo and by then they’re already invested 33% in the track and will likely chase the dragon to the end lookin’ for that first high/first verse all over again but never find it! Muahaha…” and another sucka falls victim to The Sactown Bait’n’Switch all craftily engineered in to this cut lol! 

    Damn, i just wrote another super lengthy essay huh…oh well, w/e it’s chill! Type what I want Right Herr this my space, my box to soap talk and rock and then jump up top then try to belly flop off hopin’ to get caught likely will not and that’s as good a kill switch for this shit that I got…☮♥&ツ1!


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