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Krizz Kaliko Reveals The Best Part Of His Job [Video]

Published: June 29, 2012 in Krizz Kaliko by

Krizz Kaliko

What’s the best part of being a world-renowned artist?

Look in the mirror and see for yourself.

In this in-depth interview with Krizz Kaliko taken before he left for Hostile Takeover 2012, Krizz reveals that his favorite part of being an artist and entertainer is performing in front of the fans.

On top of that we get to catch a fly-on-the-wall glimpse of Krizz Kaliko in his daily life in the studio and with his son (the kid singing “la la la” on “Stay Alive” from Kickin’ & Screamin’).

For those of you who want to get inside the mind of a Genius, this video is a can’t-miss.


  • What’s your favorite thing about Krizz Kaliko?

Let him know in the comments section below!

  • Great sense of humor!

  • You a BEAST KALI!!!!

  • Randeezy

    His ability to sing a hook. Fucking Amazing!

  • His energy! Besides putting on the craziest shows i’ve ever seen, I’d have to say his musical talent as well as being a killer emcee. Not only can he deliver fast songs (Kill Shit) he can show true musical talent by singing from the deep dark below, the pain he went through as a child (Created a Monster). Overall, i would everything. He has so many attributes that make him my favorite artist ever. And it’s still overwhelming thinking that I got to meet the man himself. Definitely the greatest experience of my life. Much love to you Krizz!

  • ArchieShizuko

    His voice, the realism he brings to the rap game, and all round passion, not only for music, but for his fans! Dude’s Incredible!!

  • My favorite thing about Krizz Kaliko would have to be his dedication to us (his fans) and his amazing voice! He’s an inspiration. LOVE YOU KRIZZ!!

  • It’s so sick the way he moves people. How he can change the tone and feeling of his music in an instant. The spectrum between say “Kill Sh*t” and “Created a Monster” is beautifully uncanny. It’s also amazing the evolution his music has made. From his powerful debut, Vitiligo, to S.I.C., to Kickin’ & Screamin’, his music has just been HUGE.

  • Amityvillain

    My favorite thing about Krizz Kaliko is how he embraces his difference and struggles to slingshot his style to an unmatched unique style. Plus the energy I saw he put in performances in NYC he loves his craft

  • His Dedication to his music and his fans. One of my favorite artists of all time!

  • Laura Reynolds

    His energy for sure!!! The way he makes his music come alive, how he moves a crowd, his positive and down to earth nature, and his passion and dedication to his fans. There isnt just one thing thats great about Kali. He’s fuckin dope all around. Im so fortunate to have met him in person. Real solid dude.

  • Sunshine Wayne

    My favorite thing about Krizz Kaliko is that he’s probably the most musicly inclined person on the strange music label. Not only for the fact that in the beginning he didn’t even really listen to rap, but because he’s proven that he can bring any genre to the table that rap can offer, from the song misunderstood to the album kickin and screamin’ he shows that he can potentially master any rap art for there is. He also brings so much soul to almost every track that tech n9ne covers. Strange music is the reason that I still believe in rap music today, because otherwise, it died along time ago without them. I idle myself after you Krizz. And if you are actually reading this. I would like you to see some music that I make on my own, not master quality but I am told that i’m rather good. Sunshine Wayne is my artist name on facebook. I’ve been doing alot of different genre’s, thanks for the support. and i support you through thick and thin. Keep it STRANGE! Kali Baby!

  • Kollin/ K.A.M.

    My fav thing about this guy is his skill not leave the curses outta most of his tracks that alone makes him skilled, and his ability to sing and rap both are not easy

  • Chris k.

    I like the fact that you’re able to sing and rap great. Keep it goin with that original voice and flow.

  • My favorite thing bout Krizz Kaliko is his heart & dedication to music and fans! His ability to sing is AMAZING!! I LOVE his talent! Kali Baby!! 🙂

  • It would be easier to name things I don’t like about Krizz. (Nothing) He is multi-talented, hard-working, FUNNY, genuine, kind to his fans and from what I can tell an awesome husband and father! His energy is through the roof, he brings a warm aura in person and he gives the best hugs! I love him! @teccan9nabooty0

  • The the best thing about Krizz Kaliko is, no matter whether he’s 300lbs, sick, vitaligo, or out of his meds, he still performs like its his last show AND his music is forever expanding and, most of all, diverse. Krizz Kaliko is simply a “Genius” and that’s what we love about him. SIGNED- WAR ZONE WRESTLING- TUCSON ARIZONA

  • My favorite thing about Krizz is how open and down to earth he is with his fans, ive met him twice and both times it was like meeting an old friend. Hes just a cool as talented dude

  • Candace Bray

    Love KALI BABY!!!!! Saw u n Tech preform in Yakima,WA n your off the chain! Keep doin what you do bro, the fans all feel it…I promise 😉

  • Not only are you dedicated to the fans but your work as an artist is phenomenal! Every song that you create and featured in can’t be described in mere words. You literally have to express your feelings through vigorous movements, fist pumping, and head banging because that’s how Incredible your music is. Nobody can create songs to their originality like you Kali. And as long as you continue to make music we the fans will be there to purchase and listen to them for all time. Thank you for being the talented artist you are. Strange Music baby!

  • Strictly Strange

    He’s a nice dude! I’ve watch Kaliko at many meet and greets Kaliko will not leave until he has met with everyone often all the other artist would have already left not Kaliko though he truely gives the fans what they paid for! Love ya Kaliko!

  • Lcpl Zach H

    My favorite things about Krizz Kaliko is not only his powerful voice, or his incredible loyalty to his fans, or even his amazing flows. (However these are things I enjoy about his music as well) It is his die hard ability to turn something that caused so much pain for him as a kid into something that empowers him. That is the sign of a true genius.

  • Jackismyname

    Yeah he cool kaliko got that Allie cat coolness I respected him even before I knew anything about his music. Last five years I’ve been tuned in to strange hearing everything you dudes gotta say and at first it was real confusing but in the end I figured yaw just got mad love and respect for what is neccesary. Fuck The Industry! Even if you in it! Big cats been fuckin wit strange as the same strange been fuckin wit big cats who in this poorly shot industry! Krizz kaliko is what you call an awesome father surely ain’t none of my business saying or putting a label on him but I call like I seas it . There for there’s one more thang to look up to. All his lyrics mean something if not to you it does to him that’s what matters. Some rappers I see can’t even listen to they own songs cuz they know they shit stink. On the other hand big kriz putting out good quality music betcha he jammin to his shit all god damn day. I saw that last video bout created a monster and realized for the first time what exactly vitiligo meant. Been a fan for over 5 years didn’t even know about all that . I wondered at times why this dude had eye makeup but I forgot about it CUZ I had no need to trip or hate on this dude. I loved his music and music is very important in my life. Come on without your music where would you be? It’s my life and I share that passion with all them from one stranger to another. To see in actuality the blessing he has been given has ultimately shown me I’m capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind too . I know big kriz gonna read this one day or another. And imma say this.. Abu Dhabi!! Thanks for all the love you give to us fans across the globe. God bless family

  • Being real.

  • what i love about kaliko…… Is that he reaches inside my soul when he sings and raps it touches me so dearly let alone other fans also because half of the shit he be saying is what i be feeling most of my days and nights and it sounds like he is being so true putting his heart and feelings on the line for people to c and feel and seems like he just dont give a fuck about what anyone has to say about it this is his job but also a some what relief cause he is putting his feeling on paper getting it out we r his therapy and he screams out and we listen he is a true angel in disguise and i am so happy that I in my life time had the chance too meet and see him in his work
    True fan
    p.s. BE TRUE DO YOU

  • He is one of the most diverse artists in history. And he is so different than anyone else, and is not afraid to be himself. Kali is The Fucking SHIT!

  • BL8

    My favorite thing about Krizz is his uncanny abilities to apply what ever style of music
    he wishes to any track he’s on. Dude’s an inspiration to emcees and musicians alike everywhere
    saw you guys like 6-7 times over the last 8 years or so. and have yet to be disapointed.
    keep beastin’ -BL8


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