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‘WOW!’ – Tech N9ne Reacts To Potluck’s ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Remake [Video]

Published: June 12, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Reacts To Potluck's "Worldwide Choppers" Music Video

Tech N9ne’s face said it all. Following his appearance on the Strange Music Podcast, Suburban Noize’s own Underrated of Potluck recently came through on his promise of a “Worldwide Choppers” remake and dropped a full length music video featuring Tech N9ne’s reaction to the track.

First premiered by The Source, the music video features Underrated doing what he does best – choppin’ it up. The rapid-fire emcee delivers stunning bars over Tech N9ne’s original “Worldwide Choppers” at a feverish pace.

Said to have been blessed by Tech N9ne himself, the remake left the Kansas City King with only one word: “Wow!” With all of the recent speculation on a “choppers” sequel, this remake could not have come at a better time.

Strap in and check out Potluck’s ode to “Worldwide Choppers”!

  • What did you think of the remake?
  • Would you ever like to see Underrated on an official “choppers” track?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Gianniemily1993

    Hello, I’m a very big fan that has been support strange music sense 2008 buying every CD, and every concert ticket. I wait every year for Strange Musics new next best concert as my biggest event of the year. Every VIP sense Sicology 101 I have attended. 
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    I’m in a panic, with little hope that I can make this trip into what I hoped it would be.
    If there is anything, anyone would be able to do to help me out, please email me at;
    I don’t need anything from the package just want to see and hug the people I listen to only and always. 
    I would greatly appreciate any help.

  • Pnutpkk

    I honestly hate to be a downer and shit but I gotta, the lost cities tour was fucking euphoric! But hostile takeover just didn’t hit me like it should have probably because lost cities was my first tech show but shit idk why the fuck I’m even sayin anything its not like anyone even gaf haha. I still keep it STRAAAAANGE! Always fuckin will too. And imma fuckin scrubbin ass juggalo much love to the fam I STAY WICKED!!!

  • hell yea, tech is sick as hell and so is this guy, keep doin yalls thing.

  • Potluck Feat. Tech N9ne- What we are

    It’s about time for another collab tech that shit was too ill!

  • John Slaughter

    That’s tight dude. You on bathsalts brah?

  • Jaysoncornute

    underratted killed it i would defenitaly like to hear him on a choppper track

  • Jaysoncornute

    underratted killed it i would defenitaly like to hear him on a choppper track

  • deuce

    Underrated and Mac Lethal WORLDWIDE CHOPPERS 2!!

  • Langaz

    Whats was ilkuminati book called at the end of vid


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