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POLL: Favorite Krizz Kaliko T-Shirt?

Published: July 26, 2012 in Strange Music by

Krizz T-Shirt Poll

FANS: We need your input!

With the Strange Music SOS Sale, choosing how you want to represent Krizz Kaliko just got a whole lot easier.

With all merch items priced at half off, now you can get that shirt you kind of want along with the one you really want without having to feel like you broke your bank in the process.

In order for us to make sure we consistently give you the greatest selection of merchandise in the music business, it’s very important that we get your feedback!

This poll is very important for us to know what you want and what you don’t want so make sure you vote!



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  • Which shirt did you vote for?
  • Which is your LEAST favorite shirt?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • I really think that you guys would make a lot more business if your gear did not have names and the strange music logo so big and out there. A perfect example is the shirt that says, “cult?” With the question mark as a snake and bat logo. It would be perfect, subtle, and would make people interested, with the mystique of strange music being a cult. Although that shirt has “Tech N9ne!!” on the back so it ruins the intrigue.

    I think that there is a demographic for the hardcore; that want to wear strange music’s logo in big bright colors, a sort of patriotism. I think that there is even a bigger demographic for casual fans that like the style, like the logo and want to look like a fan, but not somebody who wants to date Tech N9ne.

    Feedback is the most important thing you guys can do for the fans. I myself am a huge fan but do not want to look as obsessed as I really am. I know although that one comment from one person will not change your merchandising structure, but I really am not asking for that. Most people just are not crazy about getting clothes that put labels on them.

    If you read this,
    Thank you!

  • Love the Wappers shirt! I want that in bumper sticker form!

  • Nostalgic732

    I know what you’re saying. In my case, I’ve been a hardcore fan for a while now, and I want more shirts, but I don’t really like wearing a shirt with anything on the back bc then I feel like people are looking at me trying to read my shirt or whatever. I don’t prefer it. And I think every shirt has huge words and a logo on the back.

    I agree that I like the more subtle-type stuff I think. I like the Afro Disiac shirt best here. It has a really nice design and says his name on the front and the back isn’t plastered with huge words and logos. I think more styles kinda like Ecko, where it has their name on it, but isn’t always the main part of the shirt, but still has their logo and looks nice and urban, might work best. Especially with the demographic here.

  • travis

    my favorite shirt is the wappers shirt but it ran out of my size before i seen it, so im just saying, it would be nice if you bring it back.


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