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‘I Was A Fan Before They Blew Up’ – Tech N9ne On Discovering Slipknot

Published: July 31, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Recalls Discovering Slipknot

Theatrical, mysterious, and downright dangerous, Slipknot has been stunning live audiences for years with their over the top performances and monstrous music.

It’s not surprising then that the king of hip hop theatrics, Tech N9ne, would find common ground with the metal collective and join the maggots in celebrating Slipknot’s music. recently asked Tech N9ne to share his first experience with Slipknot as part of a new feature dedicated to the first time famous musicians heard the nine-piece crew from Iowa.

Recalling the first time he witnessed the insanity live, Tech explained why Slipknot took him by surprise:

I saw them live, and I was like, “What the fuck?” Their show blew me away. I was a fan before they blew up, and I’ve followed them since their first album. DJ Starscream is my homeboy, and what he and the guys in Slipknot created is a wonderful clusterfuck of music. I look forward to hopefully working with them someday.

Others interviewed included Rob Zombie, Kerry King Of Slayer, Chris Jericho, Scott Ian of Anthrax, and many more. Following his recent run-in with Slipknot at Mayhem Fest, Tech N9ne’s comments are sure to spark more speculation on the long-waited collaboration.

Click here to read the full feature.

  • Do you recall the first time you heard Slipknot?
  • Do you think Tech N9ne will finally work with Slipknot?
Let us know in the comments section below!

  • puffy1112

    first time i heard slipknot was the first time i fell in love. theyve saved my life. i wouldnt be here without them. slipknot forever.

  • A non-moose

    My cousin first introduced me to Slipknot with their self-titled album I think in early 1999. I loved the creepy atmosphere of it, the music was incredible, powerful and still melodic. And haunting. I loved that. This was back when you could still buy the version of the album with Purity (one of my favorite tracks too, go figure) on it. My first concert ever was a local metal festival in 1999 that I talked my mom into taking us (myself, my cousin, and my younger brother) to for my birthday, which had a lot of smaller acts. I think I actually spent my birthday money on my $13(!) ticket. The main reason I wanted to go? Slipknot. My mom, little brother, and cousin get to actually meet them and get some pictures and autographs. My mom ended up having a long conversation with Shawn (clown) about their respective kids. Great start to my concertgoing life

  • nutso

    Im from iowa i never knew that people outside of iowa knew about them! all my friends whn i was younger loved slipknot!

  • The first time I saw Slipknot was here in STL MO at what used to be Riverport Ampetheater. The show was HoDown 98 and the played and Destroyed second stage. Amzing Shit. Then 3 months later they hedlined OzzFest 99

  • my first time listening to slipknot, was coincidentally my first bought album, i was in 4th or 5th grade and i picked up the subliminal verses 3…since then ive loved them

  • First time I was watching TV before going to school. Duality came on, and I had never experienced something so crushing. I remember feeling energized and wanted to trash my house. I immediately got all their albums.

  • Ozzfest 99 in Atlanta at Lakewood (now Hi-Fi Buys) Amphitheater. We got there early and while we were in line, we were talking to some other people about this amazing band that they seen at the show in Charlotte NC just days before, so we decided to check them out. My first thought, “Oh wow, Mr Bungle is here?” but then my elitist asshole nature got put aside as I witnessed a shitstorm of a show on stage. I have never been a huge fan, but always respected this band as Corey Taylor is a hell of a writer and they are still one of the most intense acts I have ever seen, right up there with Dillinger Escape Plan on a level of live insanity meeting genius.

  • I was in highschool when i first heard slipknot, wich would be around 2001. I fell in love with their music. I still listen to them till this day. Theres somthing about their music that just gets you going. Their music helped so much durring hard times in my young life.

  • BumblebeeTuna


  • My little “brother” poop! first introduced me to Slipknot in about 2000 or so with their self-titled album, took him to an ICP concert and bought him a Hatchetman beanie to trade, but after I got the CD our “brother” possum stole the beanie from poop! so he was assed out on both accounts.

  • The first time I heard of Slipknot it was in 97 just about 6 months beore the self titled album was released, I was walking threw the Clackamas Town center in Clackamas Oregon and a friend that worked at the hot topic there pulled me aside and had me listen to a roadrunner record sampler disc. The sampler had these crazy looking dudes in mask and jump suites on it, I was like “what the fuck”, and then I shutup and listened. what I heard was the most brutal heaviest music that had ever entered my ear hole. ever since then there is not one day that I don’t listen to the Knot and I will forever be a life time fan. Stay Sic and take care of one another.

  • 1st time i heard of slipknot was through wait and bleed. I was in high school…15 yo and now im 27 and still a fan!keep on doing what you guys do best!and thats being slipknot!

  • Vileself

    It was August 6th 1999 and my and my crew at 15 years old were at the movies to watch The Sixth Sense. After the movie my buddy’s older brother picked us up in his ’95 civic and in this car on the way home was the first time I heard Slipknot. Surfacing was blaring at max volume as this car full of young metalheads were banging and thrashing along. It was an epic moment for me. I found out the name of the band is Slipknot and a new era of me began! Slipknot became and has remained one of my favorite bands of all time! R.I.P. #2. Fuck it all! Fuck this world! Fuck everything that you stand for! Dont belong! Dont exist! Dont give a shit! Dont ever judge me!

  • I was 10 when I first heard them and saw their wait and bleed music video on tv and i was a lil unsure about them but i just couldn’t get enough guys are pure genius and love their music and I have been a fan since 13 years now!

  • Dom

    First time I heard them I was a high school sophomore, it was just after the release of Vol. 3. First song I heard was Skin Ticket, one of very few events that literally changed my life. After that I be came a musician, a music fanatic, I became a maggot (first following I associated myself with). A Tech and Slipknot collab would bring my two favorite artists from each respective genre together. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN… THEN RECORD THE VIDEO FROM A LIVE PERFORMANCE TOGETHER!

  • Loozinit

    saw the video for wait and bleed back in the day, bought the self titled album, and was HOOKED!

  • slipknot is one of the most amazing metal bands out there….the first time i heard of this group i was in middle school where their shirts and music was band from. i didnt give two shits what they said because the life of a maggot was for me! im not 555 im 666 the true life of a heretic!!!

  • gutar hero before i forget

  • john flynn

    the first time i hear slipknot i was 8 and been a maggot ever since

  • I first heard Slipknot in December of 2011 and have loved their music since. I had seen them on t-shirts and I saw a few of their albums in Wal-Mart and I decided to check out their music on YouTube. I first listened to Duality and loved it. Then I listened to a couple of others like Psychosocial, Dead Memories, Sulfur, The Nameless, Vermillion, Snuff, Left Behind, Before I Forget, Spit it Out, and Wait and Bleed. I loved all of those songs so I bought them on iTunes and I listen to all of their songs on Spotify.

  • Dr. DIrty

    Slipknot and Tech N9ne Tour? THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

  • I was in 4th grade and the self titled just came out, and my friend showed me Surfacing and from that point I was hooked. So I, too, was a fan before they blew up. ha

  • 5th grade, sittin at home with my older brother, he’s the best. Put on Heretic Anthem out of no where. It was epic… I will never forget :’ ) Thank u big brother!

  • Vicious

    GTFO 2011?!

  • shawnathon KC

    Saw them at Ozzfest 2001 at Sandstone KC. Drum sets on scissorlifts raises up off the stage! Insane!

  • Splicage


  • Hey Tech, Check Out My COVER To Slipknot’s (Wait & Bleed)!!! youtube . com /watch?v=AEdIOvvF6f8


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