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Tech N9ne Shout-Out On New Yelawolf Mixtape [Audio]

Published: July 9, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Turn your bass up, it’s time to shake the neighborhood!

Yelawolf’s new mix-tape Heart Of Dixie is straight-bumpin’- but did you catch the Tech N9ne shout-out in one of the tracks? Go back to “White Boy Shit” and listen carefully around the 2:30 mark – “…Juggalos, Tech Ninna, Wolfpac, Shady fans…” Strange love!


Click HERE to listen to the track or scroll below.

  • Do you think Tech’s music is “white boy shit”?

Tell us in the comments section below!

  • Daddydope

    I dont think any music can really be singled out to one race…for example i knosome hood homies that love hardcore death metal

  • 1.tupac 2.eminem n9ne 4.yelawolf 5.hopsin 6.royce da 5’9

  • Paul

    why do you suck pacs balls ?
    i dont doubt that there is a good reason for respecting him

    but that doesnt mean that hes the best rapper, especially while focusing on skills

    getting famous with rap, eventhough your lyrics arent pointless, aint makin anybody being a better rapper than t9

    btw im not a native speaker (for those trying to complain bout it)


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