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POLL: Favorite Track From ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ ?

Published: August 10, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

All 6's and 7's


Tech N9ne’s breakthrough album All 6’s and 7’s is available for only $2.99 at Amazon.com. It’s time to revisit.

So after a year-plus of All 6’s and 7’s, which song is your favorite?

  • Is it the radio-unfriendly “Fuck Food” featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain?
  • The lyrical flexing of “He’s A Mental Giant”?
  • The enchanting “Strangeland”?
  • The lyrical decimation on “Worldwide Choppers?”


  • Which song did you vote for and why?

Sound off in the comments section below!


    I am tied between wwc and am i a psycho. both are awesome songs.

  • This was tough but I got Am I a Psycho? simply because every artist on there came superhard and B.o.B. suprised the hell outta me

  • This was tough but I got Am I a Psycho? simply because every artist on there came superhard and B.o.B. suprised the hell outta me

  • fuck food is my shit!  tech promised a bad ass song and he delivered!  STRAAAAAANGE!  music…

  • Ebkettler

    holy split vote batman

  • sball66

    Its either He’s A Mental Giant or Am I A Psycho? But all of the tracks are straight fire!

  • Overtime and then So Lonely

  • Anonymous

    This is so hard. I love the whole album: Technicians, Am I A Psycho?, World Wide Choppers, Strangeland… but I think my fave at the moment is THE BOOGIEMAN. Man I need an instrumental for this shit!

  • mama nem is one of my favorite tracks aside from He’s a Mental Giant

  • ChamillitaryTechnician

    Cult Leader, Am I A Psycho, or Strangeland!

  • They all kick ass!! But… Mama Nem and Am I A Psycho? Are my favs

  • Tim

    Every track is somebody’s favorite song lol

  • Tim

    I want a Hopsin + Tech Nine EP Maybe I’m a dreamer, but if I was delusional I would say one of those tracks would have to feature Eminem.

  • Matthew Maple

    I chose the Boogieman. Not only is it unique in the way how he use the strings like he did, but I also think it is one of his most real songs. His rhymes are deep when you read the lyrics and think about them, and he’s not one of those rappers whose message is always about women, drugs and sex. In the Boogieman, Tech is not trying to be arrogant, he is only being real. He takes what people say about him, (both haters and Technicians), and uses it in the song. “They heard the name, but can’t put a face wit’ it”, is essentially saying, “people hear about Tech N9ne and his music, but don’t bother to think of who he is as a person. Same with, “He’s underneath your bed, trapped inside your head”, no matter what you say or think, most people who have heard Tech know that he is one of the greatest rappers, whether you like it our not. This may seem like a long and extensive review on a single song, but I’m not trying to say that Tech N9ne should be everyone’s favorite rapper, or that this is his best song. It’s just that deep, dark, raw lyrical songs like this separate the real Tech N9ne fans from the people who have only ever heard “Caribou Lou” and think that Tech is just some kind of scary clown otherwise. In the end, Tech N9ne is known for his speed, rhymes, and most of all ( I think ), the way how he can use those lyrics to spread a message deeper than most other Hip-Hop/Rap artists, and his talent is exemplified in the Boogieman (among other songs).
    Written by, a Technician

  • Most of the album is fuckin badass.

    But my vote goes to So Lonely, shit is just plain raw man

  • I chose Am I A Psycho. Call me mainstream, and yes in this case I am. I love the lyrics, something easy to learn and have a great time with. Otherwise, i would pick technicians.

  • DaVillain

    This is one of the very few albums that I can listen to from start of finish without skipping a track. I can’t even pick a favorite track cause the whole album is a masterpiece!

  • Jessyka- Kc_TechNician

    I voted for “If I could”ft. The Deftones! For obvious reasons!! But I LOVE this entire albulm! Almost couldnt choose between that & “Mama Nem”&,that song has personal connection 2 me..I suffer w/ Pancreatitus :/ bit DIBKIS!


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