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LISTEN: Rittz ‘Bloody Murdah’ (Remix) Featuring Tech N9ne [Audio]

Published: August 10, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Rittz "Bloody Murdah" Featuring Tech N9ne

Rittz lets the blood spill as Strange Music’s general joins him for the highly-anticipated “Bloody Murdah” (Remix).

The brand new single tilts the original “Bloody Murdah” from White Jesus:Revival into a frenzy of speedy and frantic syllable-smashing verses from both emcees as Tech N9ne adds an animated guest spot while Rittz closes out the remix with a brand new verse.

After weeks of anticipation, here it is.


Click here to purchase “Bloody Murdah” featuring Tech N9ne on iTunes.

  • What did you think of the remix?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Maciek3000

    He murdered it

  • Cobalt Blue

    Fucn Sick, Tech tore it apart as always

  • Cobalt Blue

    Two comments? This is the Kansas City King we’re talking about.. Bang this Shit

  • TGMelinko

    tech sounds off flow..weird

  • this is mic shatterz wit DEM RECORDINGS i love all your hits brotha

  • Al

    tech sounds off beat.. ???

  • CGBK

    Tech is rapping in 5/4 time, so it sounds off but it really isn’t.

  • All ya’ll taking bout Tech being off beat are fuckin retarded!!!! He was on point as always!!


    heard it twice threw N threw and i got it on my ipod now. are Ya’ll about supporting artists or not? by this song fora dollar show this mothafucka some STRANGE LOVE

  • Dantennana

    somebody’s killin it again! guess who!

  • Rittz got his shit off also Welcome To Strange

  • sexykarebear 13

    Fuckin sickkk as usual! Tech is a GENIUS <3 best flow ever

  • This has been on youtube forever

  • Me

    Tech the shit as allways.. Rittz.. for that style I rather listen to yelleawolf


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