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‘I’m Trying To Create A Hater’s Nightmare’ – Spice 1 On Recruiting Tech N9ne, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Busta Rhymes, And Twista

Published: August 9, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Spice 1 On Recruiting Tech N9ne, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Busta Rhymes, And Twista

Can you say ultimate posse cut?

West Coast legend Spice 1 recently dropped in on the Strange Music Podcast for a live interview regarding his long career in hip hop, including his work with 2pac, his take on mainstream radio, and his upcoming album, Hater’s Nightmare.

Among the many topics discussed, was the upcoming collaboration between Spice 1 and Tech N9ne. More than just your average collab, Spice 1 looks to reunite with an old friend for the sake of hip hop and as he let us know, he would like to bring a few friends along for the fast-paced ride.

In case you missed the live interview, here’s what Spice 1 had to say:

“Me and Tech we go way back. Years, man. I’ve known Tech since before he got with Regime and Yuk and all of that. Me, Yuk, Tech, the whole Regime click, we’ve always been homies from back in the day. You know it was a LONG time, but it was a matter of time before me and Tech got together and did something.

Back in the day, I even recorded a song with him and it was called ‘Keys To My Navi’. It might even be on the internet somewhere, it’s called ‘Keys To My Navi’ like keys to my Navigator. Like way back in the day. So, we need to touch base again because we way overdue. So now, I think it’s about time for me and Tech to get down. Especially if I can bring the Bones (Bone Thugs N Harmony) up in there with us. We’ll tear it down. I’m looking for Busta Rhymes and Twista too. I’m trying to create a Hater’s Nightmare for real. “


-Interview conducted by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Blog Editor Strange Music

  • What are your thoughts on a collaboration this big?
  • Would you like to see it come together? Who else should appear?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • josh G

    shit gona be raw as fukk

  • Fucking Sick

  • Do it son! Epicness!

  • Eric C.

    Would be better if Bone thugs weren’t in it, I’m a loyal tech fan through and through.
    Let the haters hate.

  • iggy

    Thats wusssupp that would halla dope nd illest collabo to together i fuck wit tech n9ne and spice 1 they both go hard!!

  • King Philip II

    Yes please. I’ll take 2.

  • iverson

    HELL YEA!!

  • technina

    tech and krazie in the same song yowh its an old dream 😀

  • Please please please

  • T.H.U.G.S

    Kill yourself

  • mentalkayse

    i have that song. “who got the keys to my navi?”

  • yes please please do it the speed of sound got scrapped but this could be better!!!

  • dz402

    NOOOOO WAY I WAS A TWISTA FAN FOR YEARS UNTIL HE CAME TO LINCOLN NEBRASKA HE WAS A STRIGHT ASSHOLE I’VE NEVER BEEN TURNED DOWN TO TALK TO A ARTIST HE DIDN’T WANNA SIGN NOTHING DID HALF SONGS WAS NO VIP WAS NO WANNABE AFTER PARTY WITH TWISTA LIKE HE SAID I WAS DISAPPOINTED ON How he carried his self cuz if it wasn’t for the fans he wouldn’t be anywhere I met tech and all of strange music and opened up for them several times and they alwayyyys show love to the fans Ieven said I. Wanted his autograph right by krazy and wish bone All he said was yea they my homies but I’m not signing it I was shocked I think the colabs would b amazing but ill probly skip the one with twista

  • that will do it

  • Trey

    you shouldn’t even have to ask. fuck yeah!

  • Stephanieolskool

    This collab would be so sick, of course the bone brothers would have to get together, its been too long since ive heard a Great old skool collab, not these mainstream “rappers” full of themselves . Insanity!

  • grizzly

    i think you should pick only 1 of the bones to be on the collab (either bizzy or krayzie) i got mad love for the bones but i think 4 solo artists + bone thugs is just tooo much on 1 track.


  • superb

  • SICK!!

  • Tommie

    I’ll love 2 hear a collab wit dem especially wit Krayzie and Tech on da same track again..I’m lookin 4ward 2 it

  • Collaboration Level: EXPERT.

  • Vinny

    What an amazing song it would be to have all these guys on one track. This needs to happen!

  • paul

    The collabo will be AMAZING, Cant wait.. I dont think Twista should be in it though. He was good but he not that good anymore.. LOVE BUSTA, SPICE1 & YELAWOLF.. TechN9ne4life<3

  • plane92

    Do it. But add Kali Baby to the track. Ultimate domination of a hater’s spirit

  • Allways wanted to see N9ne do an album with Z-R0. The 2 best artist of all time in my opinion. He would fit in on this collab perfectly. Z-R0!!! to N9NE!!! 029

  • 029

  • I’d say that this would be dope for a WWC2 track. Hope Tech aint finished Choppin yet. Tech and Busta Bus got that strate crazy flow and Twist and Kray got speed. Bone Thugs should do a hook


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