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Family Affair: Tech N9ne And Son Perform ‘This Ring’ Live In Kansas City [Video]

Published: August 28, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne With His Son On Stage For "This Ring"

Tech N9ne lived up to his word this past week when his show at KC Crossroads became a memorable night in Strange Music history.

In front of a packed house at KC Crossroads, Tech N9ne reached back into his extensive catalog and fired off a medley of classics including “Planet Rock 2K (Down South Mix)” and “Mitchell Bade”.

It was his performance of “This Ring” though that had the crowd roaring as Tech not only gave a dedication to Pakelika (RIP), but also invited his son, Dontez, out on stage to take the mic and perform the very vocals he recorded as a child a decade ago.

The emotional moment was a highlight of a night packed with surprises and gave merit to the popular opinion that “This Ring” is the best Tech N9ne song ever.

Could it be a passing of the crown?



  • What did you think of the performance?
  • Is “This Ring” the best Tech N9ne song ever?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • jwyld

    amazing performance

  • DesireeDoeDoe

    That’s truely deeply Amazing! Love that u got your son up there!! N R.I.P. Pakelika LOVE

  • Allison

    This was my absolute favorite part of the concert. ‘This Ring’ is the best by Tech N9ne, and bringing Dontez on to be a part of it was so special for a KC crowd. Can’t wait to see some more Tech down in LK!

  • Maciek Świderski

    One of the best


    krizz is a beast!!!!

  • There’s no best song by Tech Nizzle. There’s a whole grip of em. Low & Suicide Letters are DOPE as fuck.

  • Katrina Evil


  • zburns420

    for what its about and the story it tells this ring the rain and dysfuctional are the greatest songs ever

  • TechnicianTilDeath27

    Asking what the best tech n9ne song is, is like asking what the best sex position is. Sex is sex and tech is tech. That’s all there is to it.


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