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Stevie Stone Invades Springfield, Missouri Mall For Meet And Greet [Video]

Published: September 19, 2012 in Stevie Stone by

Stevie Stone invaded an Eye Candy store in a Springfield, Missouri mall on September 14th during the Rollin’ Stone Tour and the cameras were there to catch all the insanity.

Ah, the meet and greet – one of the most memorable moments for a fan, for it is on that day that fans not only meet their idol, but it is a day that wherever that place was is forever transformed in that person’s head as the place they met said idol – for the elite fans that were at that signing, that Eye Candy will forever be known as “Dude, that’s the store I met Stevie Stone in!” …and for everybody else that couldn’t make it, check out this video shot by Eye Candy showcasing the highlights of the day.

Be sure to check out Stevie Stone on his Rollin’ Stone Tour when it comes to your town!

Stevie Stone In-store

  • Were you at this signing? What did you get signed?

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