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POLL: Favorite Beat On ‘E.B.A.H.’?

Published: September 24, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H.

Tech N9ne has always maintained that with no pulse, there is no life. Thanks to slammin’ production from Seven and JMAC, Tech’s latest EP had plenty of pulse to keep speakers knockin’.

The brand new E.B.A.H. EP featured six new beats from Seven and one contribution in the form of “Rock Yo Head” from newcomer JMAC. Providing Tech with a new canvas to lay his rhymes over, both producers served up some intense music that has kept fans buzzing.

With E.B.A.H. a week into its release, we would like to know – do you have a favorite beat already? Which is it?

Vote below!


  • Which beat did you vote for?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Ben

    Seven did a great job incorporating the new modern sounding beats with a hint of strange. E.B.A.H. and Don’t Tweet This were ill but Rock Yo Head was just bonkers, definetly my favorite one. Great work JMAC!

  • Taylor

    Great EP, best song im thinkin was a real 1 with JL. u guys flow great together, need to do a collab album or something

  • Houston

    Whole EP is the bomb. A real 1 is prob the illest song though

  • or just sign JL B. Hood to #StrangeMusic

  • E.b.a.h. is my favorite song off the album.first song I first listened too was this ring

  • stranger


  • #AReal1 gets to me! The beat Bumps hard! I love it. #EBAH is dope as shit too. Def hooks U in! @jlbhood n @TechN9ne kilt it <3

  • Tony

    Rock yo Head, Rock yo Head, Rock yo Head, this Beat Rock yo Head

  • I’d be honored to produce anything for Strange

  • Great album way better than KF only song I personally didn’t like was boy toy just wierd to ride bumping anything that says “boy toy”

  • Iceberg

    TECH N9NE! respect from russia.


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