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‘I Had To Give My Fans Something Extra’ – Tech N9ne On ‘Boiling Point’ [Audio]

Published: October 5, 2012 in Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Explains "Boiling Point" To His Fans

It’s always good to hear from the man himself.

Looking to give fans a better understanding behind the new Boiling Point EP, Tech N9ne took to AudioBoo.com to drop an explanation via sound clip.

The new clip features Tech breaking down his decision to release another EP before the end of the year and also includes some insight into how dark Boiling Point will be.

Once again, Tech shows that it’s all about the fans.



  • Would you like to hear more updates like this from Tech N9ne?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • We all know that Tech shouldn’t be forced to always do the dark shit. We’ve listened to Last Sad Song and all the other tracks. But I love the Darkness and it DOES make for beautiful music – and there’s the balance! I want Tech to be happy as fuck as the greatest independent artist in the world but this Boiling Point EP will no doubt be blacken the sun again! I can’t wait.

  • I think Tech N9ne fans figured out the secret. Complain and whine long enough until he gets pissed off enough to make another KOD project, lol. Not complaining tho, I prefer the darker material myself, I just have a wide open taste in music so I can appreciate stuff like Don’t Tweet this as well. Too many people in the world are one dimensional

  • jeff

    When I think people say they like his dark music it’s the Alucard, Seepage, Unfair, K.O.D. type songs…Dark beats where goes In

  • samxdaxman

    dammit now i feel bad for dissing EBAH and saying he needs to release an LP. sorry tech, forgot the struggles an artist goes through hahaha.

  • People are really too one demensional. Appreciate your favorite artist, dont fuckin hound his ass for a different style of music that he loves doing. Im a newer strange fan, first Tech i heard was who do i catch, beautiful music, and welcome to strangeland and i absolutly loved it. Then i heard old tech like sinister tech and absolute power and as a new technician i love everything tech. I just dont know how people can claim they love tech but hate on some of his music like “ahh whats tech doing, this song sucks. I like old tech better”, No support either all of him or none of him.

  • L.J

    i completely agree. i like the darker stuff as well cuz i feel i connect with it in dark times. but i also like the gates mixed plate too! like harvey dent for instance great song! we all cant be fucked up every second of every day..we at least the “sane” “normal” people. but he did say those were left over beats and ive always
    been curious to hear what they would be..i mean why keep the beats if you dont have the intention of using them one day???? 🙂

  • L.J

    fair weather fan!

  • N.D.

    super 🙂

  • Aleacia

    Tech is amazing I <3 everything he does! Go Tech! Whoop whoop! U always go hard for us and I NEVER disappointed!! Codicil


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