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UPDATE: Tech N9ne ‘Boiling Point’ Pre-Order Signatures Extended To First 3,500!

Published: October 4, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - Boiling Point EP


Due to the overwhelming response to the Boiling Point EP presale, we have already sold out of the first 1000 within 24 hours! In fact, we’ve sold over 1,800 as of today!

Well, it’s your lucky day – Tech and Travis sat down to discuss this dilemma and decided that there would be way too many unhappy fans if they stopped it at 1,000. Tech says he’ll come to the Strange HQ, even if it’s after hours, and get more copies signed – that means that the first 3,500 will now get signed copies!!!

Don’t miss out on this, as we won’t be able to extend it again – with Tech’s schedule (all the upcoming shows, recording his new album, multiple TV projects and heading over to Europe) he just won’t have the time!

So head on over to strangemusicinc.net and be one of the first 3,500 to get their signed copy of Tech N9ne’s Boiling Point EP!

P.S. – Tech and Travis wanted to personally thank all of you dedicated fans who continue to support Strange Music by ordering all of the albums, EPs and merchandise! Strange Music was built for the fans and will continue to grow because of the fans. Strange Music, all day, all night!


  • Good, gonna have to do this pre-order right now before there all snatched up lol

  • Just ordered mine! 🙂

  • 2 fatt

    Odered mine on Tuesday Glad there doing the others 2!

  • Signing 3,5k of these must be tough. Watch your wrist, Tech.

  • signing is totally wrest tech.

  • Kinda weak imo I made damn sure I was on of the first 1k then 2 days later they announce another 2.5k will be. Much love though tech and other strangers!

  • ”The world has to feel it, when Tech spills it, might kill them, as nina’s temperature rises degrees of millions, all the billions, of people gettin sizzled and blistered from number 9’s feelins!” -Michael B. (tech nine or gtfo! save your negativity for your own weak selves)

  • devin

    i only ordered mine yesterday, probably missed out :/

  • Tech N9ne, You Do You…. Don’t Incorporate your music with other artists, they taint your talent and style, nobody can compare to you, yerm sayin’? when i listen to your collabs I just have the enevitable feeling that they are crampin your style, i don’t dig that man. stay true to yourself. remember, this life on earth (hell) is just between you and allah. never ever forget that aaron. from Michael Luke Schrieber. Remember this name Tech, you will need this for future reference you know what i’m sizzlin? Too Much!!!! T9!!!

  • THIS IS IT …..YALL JUST FOUND OUT…iM TriPPIN Forreal Now If It Made It To MYSPACE ITS Too late


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