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Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko Performs 'MAKE IT LOUD' on Fox 4 News KC's Red Friday
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Tech N9ne ‘Boiling Point’ EP – Pre-Order Now Available!

Published: October 1, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - Boiling Point EP

Things are about to reach a Boiling Point!

Tech N9ne already gave you E.B.A.H. and now he’s going darker with Boiling Point. On his latest EP, available 10/30, Tech N9ne bares the dark side of his soul yet again – showing you what makes him truly inside out.

Tech N9ne just keeps creating – feeding the fans more and more music every chance he gets. Boiling Point is sure to be a fan favorite with production by Seven on tracks like “URALYA” and “Paint On Your Pillowcase”.

Preorder your copy today at and you’ll get the Boiling Point EP as well as a Strange Music Snake and Bat sticker.

The first 1000 pre-orders will receive their EP signed by Tech N9ne!

Click here to preorder your copy of Tech N9ne’s Boiling Point EP!

  • I’m pumped for this!

  • GoddamnMarkz

    F*** YEAH!!!

  • WHAT THE FUCK…Why not just wait…maybe edit out the shitty songs…get an album like E.B.A.H, Klusterfuk or Seepage down to like 3 songs, then edit some more and put out one GOOD two disc set?

  • oh…Bad Season…I forgot Bad Season

  • CrowBat

    Anthony has a point, E.B.A.H was loaded with skits and time filler. I’m not saying it was a bad E.P ..just look at the views on ‘Don’t Tweet This’ It had a major response. Even E.B.A.H and Earregular spread quickly online. There’s always tracks on any Tech release that are going to shake you and keep you hooked but others have been falling short. I’m with Tech all the way, much respect but with the touring and success I’m sure it’s hard to put 100% focus on your Music.. We’ve seen multiple E.P’s this year with some quality songs but in the rush to get it done It’s just not what Strange Addicts were use to smoking.. Music is an art and not a race.. It seems in these E.P’s he’s just trying to get his thoughts out rather than deliver us to evil. I’d like to see an end to the E.P.’s and see Tech bring about a new LP that will Murder his previous records, Just take all of Team Strange lock yourself in a studio and let there be light. Had to preach about it, sorry kin folks ‘ Much respect *Kills myself*

  • CrowBat

    Well, I just left a comment that was a paragraph or more talking about an in depth subject, Speaking on the latest E.P.’s and the birth of a new L.P, not just saying “Fuck yeah” or “This is gonna be good” I actually had a point to make.. I see that as soon as I posted it, It wasn’t taken so This time all I have to say is the Strange Music Blog site can freely suck my dick and swallow

  • Alan

    Why the fuck can’t you just let the man create and be grateful that you get what you get. I started listening since Absolute Power and I can’t help but think who the fuck are you to come to a site of an artist whose work you supposedly appreciate and spit venom?! What makes Tech Tech is that TECH DOES TECH. quit bitching about his format or go listen to fucking mainstream hip hop and radio rap is my opinion. The fuck- NOBODY does it better. Between chopping, fresh beats, strong lyrics and the ability to express an original narrative independently and without holding back, there is not now and has not ever been a better rapper than tech. You want a longer track listing, fucking upload the E.P’s to your iTunes library and cut yourself a mixtape you ungrateful hating bastards. -Just saying is all -> Quit telling him how to do his job, last time I checked he was doing it quite nicely without YOUR help-


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