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Tech N9ne Shares Lyrics From Planet-Bound Cut Entitled 'Brightfall'
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‘Even If I Take A Break, I’ll Be Producing Other Artists’ – Tech N9ne On His Love For Music

Published: October 11, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne On Music And Determination

It’s the pulse of life and for Tech N9ne, it won’t ever stop.

While in Canada as part of his fall tour, Tech N9ne sat down with The Muse for an exclusive interview on his career in music and what all of his hard work has accomplished.

Even if he ever decides to slow down, don’t count on Tech to step away from the game:

“It’s in my blood, it’s in veins. I’m trying to reach that level of happy as f***, and I’m not far from it,” he stated. “[Music is] going to be in my veins for life, there’s no way I can shake it, even if I take a break I’ll be producing other artists.”

With Boiling Point on the way and a tour in Europe on deck, it doesn’t look like Tech N9ne will be putting the brakes on music anytime soon.

Click here to read the full interview.


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  • Elpee

    Tech is already a legend. the remarkable thing about him is that he don’t really fuck with this mainstream bullshit! he is like a stranger in that music business (strange music)! But that indents him as an artist. and so many rappers are so far away from that! that makes him and his music so valuable. Hope he wont get shot like Pac… haha. E.B.A.H. !!!

  • idk why people keep bashin tech about working with a few mainstream artist like busta rhymes and lil wayne honestly i dont care who he works with as long as tech keeps producing good music i mean really u cant call tech mainstream if he’s not on the radio or signed to mainstream. and if tech was mainstream he would put everyone to shame and take over anyway so if tech went mainstream it wont be called mainstream………………it’d be called strangestream cuz tech took over as the boss lyracist and boss music producer

  • I expect after he finished his next album, the 816 boyz record & the KABOSH project, he’ll take a break. Who could blame him dude has got to be tired, go enjoy the fruits of your labor for a year homie, we’ll still be here when you get back

  • i just hope he doesnt take a break for good. even if he works with other artists it wont be the same as HIS music.


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