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Earregular – What’s On Tech N9ne’s Playlist?

Published: December 14, 2012 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne's Playlist

Proof that he doesn’t hear what you hear.

Recently, Tech N9ne jumped on Turntable.fm as a special guest DJ to spin a few tracks and chat it up with fans. While many fans may have expected a Tech N9ne playlist, created by the man himself, Tech instead took everyone by surprise when he played the songs he personally would want to hear.

This allowed us to take a peek into the mind of the N9ne and discover the music he likes to blast.

Check out this Klusterfuk of a playlist below!

1. “Lonely Boy” – The Black Keys
2. “Five To One” – The Doors
3. “Party Monsters” – Kottonmouth Kings Featuring Tech N9ne
4. “Humming” – Portishead
5. “Backseat Freestyle” – Kendrick Lamar
6. “Adore” – Prince
7. “Off The Wall” – Michael Jackson
8. “Aerials” – System Of A Down
9. “Wait And Bleed” – Slipknot
10. “Seed Of Memory” – Terry Reid
11. “Push Thru” – Talib Kweli
12. “A Little Piece Of Heaven” – Avenged Sevenfold

  • What did you think of Tech’s playlist?
  • Was it what you had expected?
Let us know in the comments section below!
  • great T9 honestly your songs are very great they are on my playlist but great tunes to admit

  • independent rappers inc.

    Im on the same level bro!
    /S/ STRANGE!!!!

  • Laurie

    Very diverse! Love it.

  • Bill W.

    That’s quite the eclectic playlist. I didn’t know Tech could get down with some A7X or some System. Judging by the songs on here that I recognize, I’d say that it’s pretty solid.

  • Good old Tech.. He’s got the best taste! I love playing Ariels on guitar as well as the little spanish riff from midwest choppers! Fuck Thee Industry in their butts

  • Aerials and Wait and Bleed –FUCK yeah

  • Cool list, I’m pretty sure all that stuff is on my ipod as well

  • Aerials, Wait and Bleed, A Little Piece of Heaven… damn Tech!!

  • Aerials, Wait and Bleed, and A Little Piece of Heaven.. DWAMMM!!

  • Jkris KMHD2

    An artist knows music and you my friend know music….LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST!!! it’s diverse

  • PJM

    a little piece of heaven is the joint

  • I think I’m in love!! Will you marry me Mr. Yates?! That Prince & Kendrick Lamar got me excited, then Portishead, Slipknot, Talib, and T Reid! Sheesh I wish i had friends that appreciated all this music. They just don’t know!! And I DEF LOVE me some TECH N9NE!! Guess I’m going to listen to some Danny Brown now.. yeaaaa

  • Enocidica

    Tech… I was ta fan since i first heard about you in 97, And what i liked most about you through the years has been your diversity. You like good music , where as half of these radio rappers are fat paid and could be mymicked by a fifth grader with a yack back. Much cudos to the playlist man, mines not to different.

  • Enocidica

    fak… i meant no t , *was a fan.

  • pedro

    Missing godhead the general

  • awesome playlist some i knew some are new so thanks !! technician for life!!!!

  • tech29ne

    had a feeling you knew of terry reid, damn good playlist

  • SadiieMariie


  • Sin city kid

    You should collab with Portishead tech

  • Naps83

    Cuby & The Blizzards- “Window of my eyes”.
    Buckethead- “Planeta”
    Neil Young- “Cowgirl in the Sand”
    The Black Angels- “Science Killer”
    Terry Reid- “To be Treated”
    Fleetwood Mac- “I’m so Afraid” (Live in Boston)

    Faded on the Freeway Playlist. Hope you give em a listen.


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