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‘The Art of Rap’ – Refined Hype Delves Into ‘Sickology 101’

Published: January 18, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Sickology 101

It’s safe to say almost every Tech N9ne fan has that one song that sticks with them for whatever reason. It might be the killer beat, or subject matter that you relate to, or just the fact that it’s a fuckin’ fire track!

For DJ Dharmic X of Refined Hype, that track is “Sickology 101” off Tech N9ne’s Collabos album Sickology 101. Recently, Dharmic posted an article on Refined Hype where he dives into what made “Sickology 101” stick out so much to him, and it turns out most of his reasons are the same reasons we love the track so much.

Dharmic begins by citing the track’s stellar lineup as a starting point for it’s level of awesomeness, and goes on to mention Tech N9ne’s ability to switch flows while still riding the beat as one of the focal points of the track for him.

He also mentioned the lyrical mastery of guests Crooked I and Chino XL (especially Chino’s penchant for fist-biting punchlines).

It’s great to see this level of passion coming from someone who listens to more tracks in a day than some of us hear in a month, and it serves as a perfect reminder for why we all fell in love with Tech in the first place.

Click HERE to read the full article.

  • What was the first Tech N9ne track you fell in love with?

  • Who has your favorite verse on “Sickology 101”?

Let us know in the comments section below!

  • He’s right though, that line up is the bomb. One of my favorites.

  • My favorite song from Tech? It fluctuates, but to name a few: Can’t Shake It, Happy Ending, Hope For A Higher Power, Far Away, Sorry N Shit, K.O.D., Killing You, Horns, Check Yo Temperature, Holier Than Thou, I Am Everything, Ugly Duckling, ok I was going to go into all his album and look for all the songs I listen to frequently, but there’s far too many. But honestly, I mainly listen to a lot of songs Tech’s featured in (Rittz – Bloody Murdah [Remix], Ceza – Dark Places, etc)…. And I know you guys didn’t ask which verse from Sickology 101 is my favorite…give you a hint, 20-5-3-8 14-9-14-5…I’ll be suprised if someone answers what I did…

  • Aberman

    Red nose

  • Josh Easton

    while it may not be an exclusive tech track i loved when they did “Sacrifice” with Kottonmouth Kings, Also Like Monster


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