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‘Solid First Outing’ – ‘Constant Energy Struggles’ Reviewed on, Earns Highest User-Rating In Past Year!

Published: March 29, 2013 in CES Cru by

Between rocking sold-out crowds on the Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013 and kicking off the era of “Strange Hop” with the freshly-released Constant Energy Struggles, CES Cru is quickly earning its stripes as one of the hardest duos around – and critics are taking note.

In a brand new review courtesy of, David “Rek” Lee dives into the fast-paced world of Constant Energy Struggles and evaluates the pair’s first major effort on Strange Music:

One thing that’s immediately apparent is that these guys can rap. And they enjoy doing it. Their first singles (“Lotus,”When Worlds Collide,” and “Juice”) reflect that. There’s a Bad Meets Evil quality to it, not in the sense that it’s another black and white rapper pairing, but it’s two emcees spitting rapidly for the sport with a hint of friendly competition in it.

The review doesn’t go without pointing out a few flaws that are sure to spark debate, but with a complete assessment, CES Cru earns a 3/5 ranking for their big debut.

On the flipside, CES Cru supporters will be happy to see Constant Energy Struggles has piled up enough user reviews to make it the highest user-rated album on in the past year :

CES Cru's 'Constant Energy Struggles' Earns Big Ratings With Fans

Hustle and meditate.

Click here to read the review in its entirety.


CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

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