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POLL: What New Songs Should Tech N9ne Perform On The Something Else Tour?

Published: August 22, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech Live Song Poll

When Tech N9ne heads out on the Something Else US Tour, there’s no doubt he’ll be breaking out hits from his entire catalogue, but it’s hearing songs from his most recent album that has everyone amped!

So which Something Else tracks do you want to see performed live? Are you looking forward to Tech’s personal side in “Fragile” and “That’s My Kid”? Or perhaps you’re ready for the intensity of “Straight Out the Gate” and “So Dope (They Wanna)”.

VOTE! (Up to 3 selections)

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  • What song did you vote for?

Leave your thoughts int he comments section below.

  • BG

    Fragile, BITCH and ofcourse, Straight Out The Gate!!!!

    I’d also love to hear Strange Days, but that’s alot to ask. I am definitely looking forward to Straight Out The Gate tho!

  • Nostalgic732

    Right when I hear “Believe” I thought ‘I would literally cry if I ever heard this live’, so its strange not seeing it in the top 3.

  • TruTechnician ^S^

    im sure you already no this.. but you GOTTA play colorado at all your colorado shows.. an not just yours and krizzs verse. I wanna see you krizz ces cru stevie and mayday! You got almost everyone in the song so why the fuck not?


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