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WATCH: Tech N9ne Reflects On Accomplishments And Demonstrates Proper Caribou Lou Mixture [VIDEO]

Published: November 17, 2014 in Tech N9ne by

Spliff Breaks

“It’s not supposed to be strong, it’s supposed to be good.” The words of the immortal Tech N9ne on his signature drink, the Caribou Lou.

Proper Caribou Lou construction was one of the many subjects covered in SpliffBreaks.com‘s recently released interview with Tech N9ne. Interviewer John Zee also got Tech to open up about working with The Doors, the deeper meaning behind his name, and what he believes are his greatest accomplishments in life:

“Proudest accomplishments of Tech N9ne? I was such a fuck up man, I had no idea that my children would grow up into such wonderful human beings, man…Wonderful children… and I was such a drug addict man, that they came out perfect, I couldn’t have done it without their mothers. Looking back on my life, I”m so glad I don’t have that to worry about…I keep going for them, and the love of my fans.”

Of course being interviewed by a site called Spliff Breaks, Tech was also asked how he likes to enjoy the occasional hit of ganja, which is apparently in his house with a female friend, blaring trap music.

Check out the interview below and learn a little bit more about the K.O.D. and catch him on tour with Krizz Kaliko and Stevie Stone!




  • Have you been making your Caribou Lou’s correctly?
  • What would you ask Tech N9ne if given the chance?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Evan Adkins

    FUUUUUUK YEAH TECH N9NE! This is why you’re all I BLAST everyday! You make so much sense….2 me (and all our Technicians) at least, your real as fuk and the realest! Keep on keepin on man you know you can bruh! Stay HAPPY AS FUCK my Brethren cuz I know I do! and keep er STRRRRRAAAANNNNGGGEEEE! P.S. HOW BOUT DEM CHIIIEEEEFFFFSSS! hahaha


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