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VOTE: Favorite Verse On Tech N9ne – ‘Speedom (WWC2)’ (Feat. Eminem & Krizz Kaliko)

Published: April 23, 2015 in Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne by

Speedom Poll 1

“Speedom”: The Tech N9ne track release that blew up the internet. The final song in the Choppers quadrilogy definitely did not disappoint. The anticipation for a Tech N9ne and Eminem collaboration has been stirring fans for over a decade. Now, at long last, this trio of choppers has satiated our desire.

This hard-hitting track, seemingly propelled by a locomotive, features verses from Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Eminem spitting some of their most intricate verses.

Whose verse do you think hits the hardest? Let us know!


  • Which verse did you vote for?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • GhettoAnime

    Kali Baby all the way!

  • ShayneAway

    Eminem just for the reference to dre, drake, and tech. And it’s funny as hell!

  • Adam

    half of Em’s verse was clearly sped up

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    Pitch shifted.

  • JayJayBloodBath

    Kali and Techs Last verse were the best


    It was not sped up, like Kitty Cat Randy said it was pitch shifted upward. Try knowing what you’re talking about before complaining about it.

  • ThomasD86

    Pitch shifting also increases speed.

  • Adam

    Lol my audio teacher who has received multiple gold records for his mixing even said it was, I’m gonna take his word over a fanboys


    Oh how very impressive. Im a producer, I deal with actually DOING the shit my self, I think I know what I’m talking about 😉 But believe what you want you uneducated prick.

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    Yeah your audio teacher who did that Lionel Ritchie EP.

  • Adam

    Lol believe what you want, just because ur idol isn’t as good as you think doesn’t give you the right to be ignorant, have fun making beats for 3rd rate artists never gonna leave their city

  • Timothy J. Augello

    Kali crushed his verse. He beat Tech out on his decade anticipated song.

  • Master Öf Weed

    I think it’s funny how the person who wrote this thinks that 2 is a trilogy. If anything it should’ve been Midwest Choppers 3 to call it World Wide Choppers 2 is insulting to the original song.

  • Kitty Cat Randy

    More like the master of dick.

  • Vincent Arriola

    Ummmmm I love eminem, but I thought his verse was a little whack. A lot of rhyming just for the sake of rhyming.

  • Patrick Ridge

    what the fuck are you on about? you have no idea

  • Patrick Ridge

    racoedm you sound like the biggest wanker the bottem line is eminem cannot come close to spitting that verse live

  • whiteout

    The only part sped up was 1:55-1:57. And you can tell, because they didn’t preserve tempo or pitch (its pitched up.) Everything else is legit. – Certified Audio Engineer

  • Jesse Egstorf

    dude, em just the fastest fucker on this track end of story.
    they said the same with “rapgod” till he went and do it live for yall.
    he just set bars on every platform for 15 years now.

  • Jacob Lewis

    Having listened to this track too many times to call myself sane I am unwilling to pick a favourite or (best) verse… I have read and re read the lyrics for all parts and I find each each artist equal… Krizz makes heads bop, bringing that club sex bounce of a swagger to his game… Em f**ks with convention, beat, bar and syllable structure as his Slim Shady persona used to but this time at extra ordinary speed and I love it. a touch of the old Eminem… Tech brings the fire! Tying the piece together with a combination of flows encompassing some inspired multiples… This track is seriously cool and i hope will have people debating the nature of the skill and talent involved in its making for a very long time… I would love to hear what a future collaboration may yield…


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