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LMAO! Tech N9ne Drinks Good AND Bad With Mashable [VIDEO]

Published: December 1, 2016 in Tech N9ne by

If you’re a fan of Tech N9ne, you’re familiar with his appreciation for a good mixed drink.

Changing things up from your typical interview, Tech N9ne had the chance to show off his bartending skills during a Facebook live stream with Mashable. During the stream, Mashable host, Dory Greenberg and Tech put together Kansas City favorites KC Tea, Saribou Lou (Caribou Lou w/o 151 Rum), and margaritas – as well as a few concoctions submitted by viewers.

As you can tell from the photo above, a few of these suggested drinks did not turn out so great.

Check out the full video below!

  • What are your thoughts on Tech’s bar tending skills?
  • What drink would you have suggest he tries next?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • King KG

    Hey @TechN9ne Can we hangout for my 21st Birthday? #Jan24th I would appreciate it if you could serve me my first KC tea, or my first Caribou Lou!

  • Joe Bell

    I got 1/3rd vodka 1/3rd pineapple 1/3rd sprite and some breathe rite strips


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