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‘It Had To Be The Elite Of The Elite’ – Seven Talks The Making Of Tech N9ne Collabos – ‘Strangeulation’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

Just when you think you have the Strange Music Sound pinned down in your head is usually the moment when you hear a new Seven-produced song that makes you think “How did they come up with that?” With Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation, prepare for a lot more of those head-scratching but head-noddin ...Read more.

‘Over It’ Crooner Ryan Bradley Of Above Waves Says Tech N9ne Is ‘Pioneering’ The Music Business

Published: March 21, 2014 in Tech N9ne
If you pre-ordered Strangeulation on iTunes you no doubt have heard the instant download song that comes with it: “Over It”. The epic anthem features a singer whose voice soars above the pounding instrumental and rings out one of the most memorable hooks to be featured out of the Snake and Bat in recent memory. Who is ...Read more.


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