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WATCH: ¡MURSDAY! Performs 'Ready 2 Run' [Video]

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‘Raw And Un-Kutt’ Now Available

Published: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized by

Kutt Calhoun’s Raw and Un-Kutt is now available in stores and online! Raw and Un-Kutt is Kutt Calhoun’s third release on Strange Music, and he promises it to be his best yet. Featuring the single “Naked” as well as appearances from Joe Budden, Too Short, Tech N9ne and more, Raw and Un-Kutt is sure to earn its place in your rotation.

Click here to purchase your copy today!

  • Jerry Lara

    Its Only The Begining Pretty Soon Your Going To See Strange Music Everywere!!!

  • Kevin Cline

    this guy kutt is hella cou’ even stopped and listened to one of my verses!

  • Alyssa

    haha thats tight, Strange is only beginin to grow, i cant wait to sit back and see it take over

  • Steve J. Bluntman

    The girlies musta loved it!

  • Jason Kerr

    Haha that was a funny dance. But what the fuck not only a white boy could do that. There’s nerdy black kids out there too ya know.

  • Anita Mesa

    omg!!!!!!!! i can’t believe u guys posted our video!!!!!!!!!! my sister took this video and i was posting it everywhere hoping you guys would see it!!!!!! dude i’m crying like really really fucking crying……….. i fuckin love you guys!!!!! we had a blast at that show and yes we were right in front!!!!!!!! thank you so much for postin our video!!


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