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Brotha Lynch Hung Tops Off artistDIRECT.com’s List Of ‘Hip Hop’s 10 Vilest Contributors’

Published: September 2, 2010 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Brotha Lynch Hung’s reputation for embedding the siccness into his music has preceded him as he came in at number one on artistDIRECT.com’s list of “Hip Hop’s 10 Vilest Contributors.” Lynch shares the list with the likes of Too Short, N.W.A., Esham, Sicx, The Gravediggaz, and The Insane Clown Posse. His entry reads as follows:

“Once again the mean streets of Sacramento, California find themselves represented (prooooobably not a good thing) within this article. Lynch apparently took a look at Sicx’s (the two happen to be brothers) life and found some inspiration. Season of da Siccness is a horrifically engaging album that draws listeners into a world of murder, rape, sexual mutilation, cannibalism and more. What’s more stunning is the frequency in which women and children act as Lynch’s targets. Brotha Lynch Hung’s infamy has earned him plenty of attention from the media, and Season’s terrifying imagery still resonates with listeners. Amazingly, with no true commercial support, Lynch has still managed to sell roughly 1.5 million units.”

Do you think Lynch is the true king of sick in hip hop? Click here to read the entire post.

  • I went to one concert in 2008 and it was off the hook. I always have supported Strange Music and Brotha Lynch Hung bumping his music when people thought he fell off. Strange music is only getting better and soon everybody will know them. Great video clips of the Tour.

  • Abkmbro

    shit nutty n his bitch can suck some nutz lynch n strange rule this motha fucka Strange 4 life bitch


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