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Independent Grind Tour Update: Milwaukee, WI

Published: September 19, 2010 in Strange Music by

The Independent Grind Tour rolled on up through the northland for a stop at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fans offered praise in response to the show, some even saying it was the best one they had seen yet. A special appearance was also in store, as Compton native and Milwaukee Bucks superstar Brandon Jennings showed up for Jay Rock’s set. Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, Jay Rock, E-40, and Glasses Malone head out to Madison for a show at the Capital Theatre.


Last Friday, Tech N9ne’s Independent Grind Tour took place at The Rave in downtown Milwaukee. The Rave is infamous for being a supposed haunted venue with a dark history.

The eerie venue combined with the crowd of a significant amount of Juggalos, Technicians, and everything in-between made for a very atmospheric setup. But there wasn’t anything dark or tragic about this show.

Tech N9ne made a breathtaking entrance as he emerged out onto a raised stage prop with a brightly lit backdrop, and then busted into “The Industry Is Punks”. The Strange crew ripped through a set-list mostly comprised of hardcore hip-hop and high-energy party songs with lightning precision.

Things got particularly thrilling when Krizz Kaliko exerted his own electricity while performing a handful of upbeat songs from his newest album, Shock Treatment. The temperature was definitely raised to high levels throughout the duration of the show, and it wasn’t until songs like “Anxiety” and “Blackened The Sun” blasted through the speakers when temperatures dropped as the music sent chills down the backs of many and created a spine-tingling emotional experience.

All of this led to a brilliant climax of Tech N9ne performing his passionately haunting song “Come Gangsta” while sitting atop the escalation machine. The set ended with a full-blown punch of Strange anthems such as “Areola” and “I’m A Playa” as the crowd absolutely erupted with jubilance and intense moshing—making this show one of the wildest and craziest spectacles to date.

At the end, Tech N9ne pointed to the crowd and proclaimed: “You guys built this!” This was yet another demonstration of Strange’s dedicated fan base, as well as Tech & company’s dedication to the fans. The Tech N9ne chants continued among the crowd well after the end of the show and upon exit. Whether any ghosts or spirits decided to make an appearance for this show or not, there is a pretty good chance that they were rocking out all night.

  • What a great show last night! Luckily, we have the day off today to recover, but tomorrow we’ll be ready to do it again in Duluth, MN!

  • Cheryl

    How does someone get backstage pass….Tech9ne is headed to Rapid City Wednesday. I got to present Tech9ne on stage at the civic center years ago. How do I get that opporunity again well backstage that is

  • TechNizza102

    The show was sick! Techs intro was fucking sick too! I hope you guys come back to The Rave next time your in Milwaukee. I brought 10 people with me to this show including my Wife which is 5 monthes pregnant and my Mom as well is a huge Tech N9ne fan! Thats why I liked The Rave because we got to sit on the VIP balcony and I didnt have to worry about anyone bumping into my Wife. Great show Tech!

  • Adriengoodshield


  • Rhodahowell


  • yeah

    AW shit man cant wait for october 28th in the A. Niggas betta roll out the red carpet for Strange

  • Tayfont

    Hell ya man my girl is 5 months pregnant too and we are going on the 7th in Santa Cruz…keep it strange

  • cant wait till october 30th!! keep it strange!

  • Cfgbcbg

    yall slow whoever running this.. i could have alll the updates already on here.. pick it up !!

  • Fagbeater

    Shut the fuck up you fag control freak. They prolly have lives unlike you.

  • Amethyst 21

    I was at this show and Tech ROCKED it! Ive seen him in my hometown on Chicago twice as well and the whole strange music crew always does an amazing job. They are truely talented and inspiring individuals!!!!! <3

  • daddy dangles

    ima tell ya strange muzic in cleveland or lousville ima be the crazy gorrila coming to the front of the stage to give E40 some dap since i already gave tech nina some dap at p bodys but ive seen alot of you stars and im grateful for that but E FEAZY be ready!!!!!!!

  • daddy dangles

    prolly gotta below someone

  • daddy dangles

    oh yea by the way i dont need no fame like that bum that took techs shit fing mitch bade ill whip his ass for gp hes lucky it wasnt mine so when i do meet strange again yall gonna know cause im coming to the front and not taking a dam thing but maybe some dap! by the way do talking bout people talkin tough on the net u can come on thru and we will see if its all talk yaaaaaaaaaaa biiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaatch


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