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Favorite Track Featuring Krizz Kaliko From Tech N9ne ‘SEEPAGE EP’? [Poll]

Published: October 27, 2010 in Krizz Kaliko by

Krizz Kaliko is featured in two songs on Tech N9ne’s latest release, Seepage EP.  Both songs are equally great and with the popularity of this EP topping the charts on iTunes for the past few days since it’s release, we want to know which song you like the most.  Below is a poll and we want you to voice your opinion. Kaliko is featured on both songs, “Asshole” and “Trippin’ Comin’”.  Which song is the best?

  • Landon25

    i love the beat to asshole and there flow in it is amazing

  • Sam Elkins

    Asshole iz sick!!!

  • Eggbert

    Asshole is sick as Fuck!!!!

  • July Hardesty

    That was the hardest fucking decision I’ve ever made!! Real talk haha I love them both. If I’m pissed I’ll listen to asshole. But Trippin’ Comin’ is just straight amazin too much to comprehend

  • Taylorjrolf

    I like the corus better…wat does “EP” mean???

  • Twiztid_hed

    asshole is a hard ass track. trippin comin is a dope ass song and its real as fuck but krizz is only in the chorus and in asshole he had a whole verse and he killed it. my favorite part of his verse is “I’m Killa Cities B.I.G. I’m guessin N9na’s Pac” that shit is raw as hell and cant nobody say different, but trippin comin is a real ass song that speaks on real ass shit. Strange Music all day all night baby! cha!

  • Bigg Mixx (Madison WI)

    Tough Decision But I Gotta Say Asshole Cause I can Relate

  • Berwa ‘Bromotion’ Mahmod

    Both are sick, but now when I HAVE to choose I’m leaning towards Trippin Comin

  • Peteyg76

    because they think I’m chicken and I think they bitch is the dippin’ sauce!

  • TJ Surls

    Both are SUPER DOPE!!! Im just an asshole!


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