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OC Weekly Highlights ‘KC Tea’

Published: October 15, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Tech’s latest concoction “KC Tea” recieved some love in Friday’s OC Weekly Blog in the “Drink Of The Week” section. The post shows the music video for the song and afterwards states:

“If the video doesn’t convince you to pick up some Hennessy on your way home from work, maybe the tag line on the Facebook page will: ‘It’s a drink you can sip on all night, get fucked up, and remember what you did the night before!’ Feel free to test that one out.”

Click here to read the post. Click here or watch below for the “KC Tea” music video.

  • TechNette

    Tech knows all the good drinks. That Caribalou makes you do crazy shit!!!!! KC Tea is tasty!!!!!!

  • In bars in KC we like to play a little game called “Where’s Henney!” (like Wheres Waldo) Go into a predominantly white club and search the bar for Hennessy, if you find it, drink it.


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