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‘Seepage EP’ Now Available

Published: October 25, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne’s return to the darkside, the Seepage EP, was released on iTunes today. So far the EP has climbed to number four on the iTunes list of top hip hop albums. Click here to purchase your copy of the Seepage EP.

So I was laying in my hotel room in Paris when Kaliko got the news that his best friend since childhood Chris Buckles just died awaiting a heart. While I was trying to act like I didn’t see Kali breaking down , my aunt Susie called crying saying mom was back in the ward. So then that’s when I went to my iPod to escape sadness. While going thru my playlist, I stumbled upon 5 paid for but unused beats from the K.O.D. collection. As much as I wanted to run from them, Seepage was born. To all the people that interview me, I would rather not talk about Seepage simply because I told fans on the Lost Scripts that those would be the last of K.O.D. I thought I could stay clear of K.O.D. but found out there’s no way out totally. So until I can figure out how to balance this thing I’d rather not speak on it due my lack of understanding. Hope you enjoy it though! It’s more anger than usual. Sorry n shit but thanx. TECH N9NE

  • Fear_shadow_walker

    Jus keep doing your thing Tech! Much love whoop whoop

  • Anonymous

    Preorderd this last month for my wall of Darkness.

    Keep your head up Tech, keep doing your thing. Much love for Strange Music and its artists.

  • TECH, you the bomb nigga! Hope all is well with your moms.


  • Straight fire. Alucard everlasting man, never gonna fade!

  • Seepage is going to be hard!!!! I cannot wait to get it!!!!!!! I hope making this helped you more than harm you!!!!!!

  • one word…………..ALUCARD!

  • I’m addicted, seepage played over and over lol 30 time haha. The whole album is amazing !!! Once I hit 40, it the next song to hit 40 play count and than all the rest haha 0_o !!!1111 TECH …. N9nE!!11111119999967767676767

  • Twoface719

    this is going to be the shit

  • Damonkeyhga

    All 5 songs are solid, Bite me is a personal favorite. Cant wait for 6`s and 7`s!

  • ExodusInanusNocturnus

    I Like all of the EP,But Alucard and Seepage were Fucking dope to me

  • ExodusInsanusNocturnus

    Can’t wait for 6’s and 7’s,or Any other New Shit,but what I really Wanna hear is shit from KABOSH

  • Real Tech Fan

    Dope as fu**!! Tech is the best rapper alive,, all of his music is AMAZING!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey veronica, I havent seen you on here in a minute…Have you seen this Mick Takeshi guy? Im not sure if he is really down with the movement, check him.

  • TK

    Been waitin’ at my mailbox day and night for this!
    Goddamn this goes hard!

  • T9

    Tech in my opinion this is the best work of your entire career. Tracks like Seepage and Alucard are so deep, this is the type lyricism that makes you an independant legend.



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