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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release
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  • Jack_S_93

    Ok, so what is the story with this? XXL had this as a freestyle when jay rock was signed. Was this initially a freestyle, then made to a song, or vice versa?

  • House

    That was obviously not a freestyle. It was a free verse

  • Beau_d05

    Lol not gonna lie, the title is pretty funny if you read it carefully “Asshole Leaks from Seepage’ EP”

  • Twiztdininjet4life

    this is fresh!! I love Tech N9ne <3

  • K9 the mad dog

    the feel of this song reminds me of Nothin’

  • Twe 3zie

    vice versa already had it laid down in track form but spit liike it was freestyle tech does that ALOT


    Tech discusses in one of his songs that freestyle is like givin away fire, he respects it but in the end those lyrics that could have made it to a song never does. Artistic but gets no play.

  • enervine

    Same melodic line as “Paper” off of the mixed plate. Stop recycling synths Strange.

  • GootMan

    This Is Nothing Like His Old Songs Ya Are Full Of ………………. Keep It Up Tech This Song Is Sick…..

  • thot it was HELLA LAME!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy_johnson1992

    This track is good. and is it just me or is Scoob getting a whole lot better? seriously, have u hear breath again by scoob and Irv? its def a favorite :p

  • Benjamin_stubbs

    FUCK THE HATERS!!!! TECH N9Ne AND SM 4 Life!!!!

  • Malcolmdarnell

    I dig the song! I think its pretty funny tho that some of you dumb fukks are on his site listenin to his music and talkin shit. You bumpin it for a reason first off and how many of yall hater haters gettin paid like Tech or any of Strange Music. Bring something to the table first B4 yall start talkin shit!!! SM 4 Life!!!

  • T3chN9n3fr33k

    Hella Lame? Ok Miley Cirus. How about you leave the big boys alone and go suck off a Jonas Brother. Dumb bitch.

  • strictlystrange0

    thats funny, thats what everyone say about your sex

  • DaSK

    STFU no matter the melody, its never duplicated. Bitch you dumb for saying anything neg on a TECH forum. FU

  • this is one of the best albums ive ever heard

  • chelsi

    tech still goin hard wether its darkness or the light he can lite up the stage do ya thing my ni99a!! see u in cleaveland baby!!

  • Shake-Junt

    i thought it was kinda weak for 9.. but its still a pretty good song dont get me wrong. i hope theres better on this ep though



  • BOB

    David Sanders the producer of  “Asshole” said that beat was made in 2006… way before ollie gates Mixed plate was even thought of..


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