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Tech N9ne – Trippin’ Comin’ [Song]

Published: October 31, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

With “Trippin’ Comin'” Tech delivers his ode to paranoia. An ominous song of unrest released during a time of unprecedented success, Tech N9ne still hasn’t forgotten that no matter how many collabo offers and how many appearances in whatever magazines or networks happen, he still has to watch his back. The bigger you get, the bigger the target on your back, and for Tech, an ultimate survivor in an unforgiving business, this fact necessitates caution. Before Tech even starts his flow, a backwards soundbite is played. Translated, Tech says:

“Some might call me uhh, paranoid but I think I would just say that I was very aware of my surroundings.”

Tech launches into his flow over a beat consisting of motion synths that pan back and forth underneath an unsettling chord progression. In the chorus, aided by Krizz Kaliko (once again proving that he can flip any style he wants), Tech alerts us of his awareness:

“When they all talking loud, feeling proud ’cause no one is gunning
Hey, I can feel the trippin’ comin’…
Yeah, I can feel the trippin’ comin’…
Yo, I can feel it comin’…
When I’m down for the town, in the club, or even with a woman
Hey, I can feel the trippin’ comin’…
Yeah, I can feel the trippin’ comin’…
Yo, I can feel it comin’…”

The song ends with another backwards soundbite. Played in reverse, Tech says:

“No matter how big I get, or how much money I make
The seepage will always find a way!!”

Is Tech reserved to the fact that he can’t escape the darkness or is this a promise to his fans…or both? Click here to purchase your copy of the Seepage EP on iTunes.

  • ”Fake fuckers like dildos.”

    Tech is the man, keepin it real.

  • I think Tech is beginning to understand that Darkness is as much of him as the Light, and that the only true way he can deal with it is to rap it out…. This song is a great song to listen to when shit is beginning to hit the fan.

  • T9X

    Enjoyed the lyrics but not the beat. Only song on the album that I don’t listen to a lot.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this song, it makes me smile, as do all of Tech’s songs. (:

  • I like this song a lot.

  • I think this has to be my favorite song on this EP. Love it!


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