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Independent Grind Tour In Photos

Published: November 4, 2010 in Strange Music by

The Independent Grind Tour is over and to commemorate its success we wanted to collect pictures submitted by YOU, the fans, from all the shows all over the country. Here’s a visual idea of what a Strange Music tour is all about. Thanks to the fans who submitted their photos and much love from everyone at Strange Music for making this tour another victory for artistic freedom, independent success, and above all…GOOD MUSIC!

  • d.Menace

    how can the venue fuck up their names like that?

  • CHAAAA!!!! Thats Me & Glasses Malone… Lookin Sexy Haha N My Sis Joanne & Jay Rock…. N My Niece Neesha & Big Scoob… N My Sis Jamie & Krizz Kaliko!!!

  • Amazing pics!!


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