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Strange Music Album Of The Year? [Poll]

Published: November 19, 2010 in Brotha Lynch Hung, Krizz Kaliko, Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

2010 is winding down and subsequently there will be no more Strange Music releases to satiate the fans’ hunger for elite hip hop. After evaluating all the releases within the past year, we want to know which one is the fan favorite. From the dark and disturbing Dinner and a Movie and Seepage to the light and festive The Gates Mixed Plate and Shock Treatment, this year had much to offer for listeners of all tastes.

Brotha Lynch HungDinner And A Movie (March 23, 2010)
The first chapter in Brotha Lynch Hung’s serial-killer trilogy features dark and ominous production to co-star with Lynch’s transformation into the Coathanga Strangla. Notable songs include “Colostomy Bag”, “D.O.A.”, and “Don’t Worry Momma, It’s Just Bleeding”.

Cognito – Automatic (April 20, 2010)
Automatic marked the arrival of a new face to the fans and not to mention a dope MC with lyrics to spare. Stellar production coincided with Cognito’s vicious delivery and flow on tracks like “Outcast”, “Born 2 Be Fly”, and “Violated”.

Kutt Calhoun – Raw and Un-Kutt (June 8, 2010)
Kutt Calhoun’s third release takes you into The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Kutt Calhoun displays his trademark dexterity and delivery on tracks like “Dark Knights”, “Flip It Ova”, and “Naked”.

Tech N9ne Collabos – The Gates Mixed Plate (July 27, 2010)
For a more light-hearted fare than his previous solo album K.O.D. (but then again, how could any album not be lighter than King of Darkness?), Tech N9ne put together The Gates Mixed Plate. Part of his collabos series, the album features songs like “Paper”, “Keep It One Hunit”, and of course, arguably the greatest barbecue anthem ever made, “O.G.”

Krizz Kaliko – Shock Treatment (September 14, 2010)
The multi-talented man with 100 voices gave us Shock Treatment this year, an eclectic blend of pop and hip hop set to the sounds of synthesizers and heavy drums. On tracks like “Get Around”, “Elevator”, and “Get Active”, Krizz shows us that having a good time is still very much in vogue.

Tech N9ne – Seepage EP (October 25, 2010)
In reply to accusations of having gone soft, as well as a personal catharsis for his mother going to the hospital, Tech N9ne made the Seepage EP. A return to the darkside, this EP was hailed by many fans and features “Alucard” and “Trippin’ Comin'”.


  • Dice

    Seepage iz da smallest & biggest shit ever!

  • KALI BABY!! Shock Treatment for sure..

  • KALI BABY!! Shock Treatment for sure..

  • My man Bloody Kutty Kal kut it up on raw and uncut, it has the most amount of replay value of them all, In my personal opinion.

  • Spydie

    Brotha Lynch Hung!!!

  • Damn! BLH is killing this poll haha! I was diggin Raw and Unkutt the most

  • Fuzzys420

    i had to go with gates mixed plate, i need more angels around me. it was a toss up with seepage, ya, short and hard, i can’t go without mentioning shock treatment, and sorry Kutt, I really gotta clean out my deck, to listen to some new shit.

  • Walt Allen

    Krizz Kaliko’s Shock Treatment in my opinion is the best complete album from Strange Music this year. However, The Ollie Gates Mixed Plate gave Tech a new level of respect from mainstream fans and artist. But seriously, what album from Strange Music is bad?? How about none! Strange Music 4 life!!

  • July Hardesty

    I don’t see how anyone can vote on this. I personally love each and every album ever produced under Strange Music. I’ll go undecided

  • I really can’t vote on this, THERE ISN’T 1 BAD ALBUM FROM STRANGE!! They are all perfect in their own respectives, Dinner and a Movie put Lynch right back in the spotlight, Automatic was a great west coast album, Raw and Un-Kutt was just plain SICK, TGMP really showed that Tech can rap over ANY beat, Shock Treatment was like being at one of the concerts, fast and non-stop, and Seepage really let us in on the pain and darkness that consumed Tech!

  • I seriously and litterally CANNOT choose!!!!! They are each totally crazy in their own unique way, it’s too hard! 🙁

  • Casuter

    KALI BABY!!!

  • Burn My Un Dead Brother

    It’s funny how ppl actually ignore The Gates Mixed Plate
    hahaha it sales 107,000 copies you fags

  • They were all great albums. But big ups to brotha lynch for sure.

  • they all good but strange music should not be gone come on they got there own unique ness in everythin

  • Why is Lost Scripts not on here?

  • Fuck the MainStream .. They orphaned Tech n9ne for years and acted like they was better just because they made that fake and sugar coated light shit !!!! Keep It Real .. This World is Dark as fuck at least half the time on the night side of the world .. LOL .. But seriously Tech and Strange needs to focus up on what made strange .. which has never been the club music .. its that Dark Shit .. Not the fake killer shit .. That aint dark , thats goofie .. That real shit .. Speaking against dogmatic motherfuckers , and shatter there static , with automatic tactics of rappin n exposing whats under there plastic ..

  • Mkirkpatri02

    They are all good but lynch’s was in my opinion one of the best horrorcore albums ive ever heard.

  • Sandman6733

    it hard to pick a favor album form strange music there all diffirent and unique it all depens what im felling that day and just play that cd. like walt allen said what album from strange is bad thats why i keep buying em i know im getting a bad ass cd and not have 2 second guess is it going to be good or not like everbody ealse shittiy music if it dont say strange music get it out of my face

  • Cele0n

    Dinner and Mova….!

    2nd up RAW and UNKUTT

    Shock treatment was a Big Disappointment,hopefully Kali will leave that Poppy shit alone and go back to that “Genius” formula.That Album is the BEST release thus far under STRANGE MUSIC.After that would be SICKOLOGY 101 and KOD.Looking forward to 2011 though,hopefully they will find a way to add Hopsin To the Team cause that RAW is the Best shit of 2010.

  • Such a hard decision!

  • Dinner and a Movie gets my vote. With Shock Treatment in a close second. Gates was also a dope album, Tech has done light songs for years, just cuz now he says it officially people wanna bitch about it. If he wouldnt have said anything and just released it, no one would complain. I think it is a great album. Those three are the ones I play the most this year, but I play all of em hundreds of times. Cant take one over the other, ALL of them are bombay =]

  • UsA’sMostWanted

    Dinner & a Movie!!!

  • Jessica12683

    I really enjoyed ALL the albums of 2010! Great job at doin what you do! I’m gonna vote for Raw an Un Kutt. Love your cds Kutt! Keep it commin playa! See you in Cleveland!

  • Omzig85

    i think cognito had the best cd and it was his first then dinner and a movie

  • Its all about Dinner and a Movie.

  • Lawrence

    this is an easy one brotha lynch hung tore it up on dinner and a movie his shit was hard i cant wait till his next album

  • k+


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