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DOPE: Fan Gets Creative With ‘Dysfunctional’ Lyrics [Video]

Published: November 14, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

For an example of a fan going above and beyond the call of duty to show their appreciation, look no further than this stop motion music video set to Tech N9ne’s “Dysfunctional” from Sickology 101. This eye-popping visual feast took her four hours and 311 pictures to complete and the result is nothing short of impressive.

Click here or watch the video below.

  • Ummm…Interesting lol stop animation is sick, gotta rep however u can. Good shit

  • Sabrina_jax

    AMAZING!!!! She is soo creative :]

  • Aaron Ross

    That’s cool. Do more shit.

  • Aaron Ross

    That’s cool. Do more shit.

  • macfinn

    pretty sure he means ‘gaudy’ not ‘gotti’ lol
    but thats still dope

  • macfinn

    pretty sure he means ‘gaudy’ not ‘gotti’ lol
    but thats still dope

  • That was awesome! It takes a lot of time and a lot of patients to make something like that. And in my opinion proves that shes a total fan! Great work yo!

  • jj

    way 2 cute

  • Awesomejosh

    Oh yeah, a 14 year old white girl doing on of your worst mainstream songs on your blog. Yeah, way to be ‘hardcore’ tech.

  • Dopefiend


  • Thats whats up, for real.

  • Naaaaaaaaaaaaijs!!

  • This coming from the guy that has to put the word awesome in his name just so he feels better about himself when he trolls. I’m not seeing you put anything out that anyone other than your “homies” is listening to behind the gym during 7th grade PE.

    Last thing I saw that Awesomejosh put out was this crap —->

  • Rikki

    Since when did color or age of a fan make the song any less badass? I don’t think Tech hates any of his fans….and I think…

    you’re a bit of a hater Josh 🙂

  • ordizzle

    Why is it that everybody expects every one of Tech’s songs to be hardcore? I love Tech’s “hardcore” songs as much as the next person, but this happens to be one of my favorite songs as well. It seems to me that all of these so-called Tech fans who expect every song to be hardcore or “gangsta” have no respect for music as a form of art and expression. You’re not going to write a book or movie without slower parts between all of the action or drama…you shouldn’t expect music to be any different. If you don’t like the songs between the hard shit…fine. Just don’t bitch about it when you come across it and skip the fuckin song.

    Open your MINDS motherfuckers. … Tech N9ne!

  • This chick is freaking sweet. And what I want to know is why is there so much anger between the Tech N9ne fans. I mean everyone sits here and is like ” Gates wasn’t hardcore” or “Tech is going mainstream” or AwesomeJosh saying what he said, on some real shit people the Tech N9ne fans need to just let Tech be Tech. Also to address the people who talk shit about the Weezy collabo SHUT UP. I mean its going to happen whether the so called fans like it or not damn. If the people who hate on the collabo with Weezy would actually listen to Weezy they’d know Weezy can tear it up, I’m not a Weezy fan but I respect him as a rapper. Also if your hating on anything Tech N9ne does and calling yourself a fan, then I think I’m a super fan because I would never question his actions or EVER say that he is losing his touch because Tech is as great as ever and he just keeps getting better.

  • JulianG

    josh is clearly bein a bitch…wat a retarded fukin comment

  • Twiztid_serial_killa_freakshow

    Wow So Much Hate And For Everybody Who Says Techs Goin Mainstream That Bullshit Well Sence Probly U Didnt Got To THe Gathering Of The Juggalos Like I Did Tech Said He Aint Goin To MainStream Hes Bringin Mainstream To Tech

  • keyty.(:

    Hey! I’m the person that made this video. Thanks so much for watching it and for giving me all of your feedback! I really appreciate it.(:
    And I plan on making more videos to tech n9ne songs very soon.(:

  • Keyty is maahhhh fweeennndddd!! I is proud.

  • I’m totally looking forward to you doing more Tech N9ne songs

  • keyty.(:

    I just uploaded a preview to the next video I’m making. It’s to “It’s Alive.”(:

  • keyty.(:
  • that was fuckn tite alot fuckn betr than those two dumass that made that t9x video n ill be lookin for more videos from ths chk

  • Keyty you are amazing. Keep it up…. And if you gotta facebook ADD ME WILLIAM BLAIR

  • Wow thats pretty sweet!

  • keyty.(:
  • Gerardo2068

    Love Tech! Don’t care what anybody say!!! Love all his songs, the fact that he has songs that span across one extreme to the other is what makes him the best!! Beside awesome lyrics, the quality of the musical production is superb! If you are into the musical aspect, you know his music is great! when I really listen to his music, closely, I can heard the attention to detail in everything that he and his crew does.

  • Ok first off, and this is new for me (especially on the net) I fuckin love you for this shit. I can only imagine how much patience, trial & error it took to perfect it. But this was amazing!!! Oh and uh yeah you’re sexy as hell just thought I’d point that out. Respect, Props and Keep it up!!! 500% Till the world blow!!!

    5TR@NG3!!! MU5I¢!! 1N5@N3 5H!T 4 l!F3


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